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Q: What resource is too expensive to extract?
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Is a resource that is too expensive to extract said to be economically depleted or limited?


What natural resource does Israel extract from the dead sea?


Can oil be the first fuel to run out?

This is true but it could also be true of any fossil fuel. The problem is will it become too dangerous and will it become too expensive to excavate and extract these commodities.

What is the most expensive resource in the world?

The most expensive resource in the world is Californium. It's about 27 Million $ per gram.

What are the pros and cons of tar sands?

pros they have alot of oil in them cons there expensive to extract , there hard to extract

What is the least expensive perpetual resource?

Solar energy is considered one of the least expensive perpetual resources. Once the initial setup cost is covered, solar panels can generate electricity with minimal maintenance costs. Additionally, sunlight is abundant and freely available, making solar energy a cost-effective and sustainable option for energy production.

What is football manager 2013 resource archiver?

The 2013 football manager resource archiver is a system in the game Football Manager. To use the resource achiever you can extract graphics and make logos.

How did Qatar get water?

They take water from the sea and extract the salt from it. Its an expensive process.

Which common way of extracting metals is the most expensive?

Electrolysis is typically the most expensive method for extracting metals. This process involves passing an electric current through a molten or dissolved mineral to extract the metal. The high energy consumption required for electrolysis makes it a costly method compared to other extraction techniques.

Why did all miners not become rich?

Ore was deep underground and it was expensive to extract.

What are some disadvantages of gas?

expensive and a non-renewable resource.

What is reshacker.exe?

Resource HackerTM is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit & 64bit Windows.Source: