What resources are pencils made up of?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What resources are pencils made up of?
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What are led pencils made of?

all pencils are made up of graphite

What are led's made of?

all pencils are made up of graphite

What are the pencils made up of today?

I think its graphite

Can you have examples of natural resources?


How many pencils are made per second?

there is no answer no pencils can be made in a sec Machine made pencils can be produced at more than one per second. Look up a pencil manufacturer. Across the world probably hundreds of pencils a second are being produced.

Was pencils made in the US?

Why, yes. Pencils was made in the U.S.

When you write with a pencils what resources are you using?

You are using rock.

How electricity made by pencils?

Electricity is not made by pencils: Electricity can pass through pencils since they are made using graphite which is a good conductor.

What are pop up pencils?

they are mechanical pencils

Are pencils biodegradable?

yes,because pencils are made out of woood

What are lead pencils made out of?

The lead in pencils are not made out of lead, as is common belief. Pencil lead is made out of graphite.

Are resources that are used to make a pencil in limited supply...could we run out of the resources...are some parts recycled?

Some pencils are recycles out of things like newspaper, but others are made from trees. Whilst it is unlikely that we will run out of the resources needed, it is possible to.