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Vietnam has lots of rice and area/land to grow crops. they also had good fishing facilities. :)

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What are some renewable and nonrenewable resources in Vietnam?

what are some renewable resources in vietnam

What are the main resources in Vietnam?


Did war activist argue that the Vietnam war drained national resources?

Only "Human" resources.

What natural resources are traded in Vietnam?

What natural resources are traded in Canada?? I don't know the answer to yours

Vietnam war and Iraq war differences?

In Vietnam war for difference ideas, but in Iraq war for the Resources

What were Vietnams major resources during the Vietnam war?


What country had colonized Vietnam for desirable natural resources?


How are natural resources used in Vietnam?

Natural rubber was a export material.

What resources did Vietnam veterans have?

Vietnam: Phosphates, coal, manganese, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil, gas deposits, forests, and hydropower

Why China and France wanted to control Vietnam?

Both China and France desired to control Vietnam because of the resources. Vietnam has large offshore oil deposits that several nations are desirous of.

Did Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War?

For me Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War. Because North Vietnam conquered Southern Vietnam. And Southern Vietnam is a democratic country and an ally of US. The US Military was restricted by the political situation and was not able to wage war in an effective manner. Because of political pressure, the necessary military resources could not be deployed.

What are some dominate economic sector in Vietnam?

Agriculture and mining raw natural resources.

What are the advantages of elongated states?

There are more resources, and these states tend to be closer to water, such as Chile and Vietnam.

To get resources the Japanese military invaded what country?

At the begining of World War 2 they invaded Indochina (Vietnam).

What was the opinion of Martin Luther King Jr. about the Vietnam War?

it took resources away from social reform.

What was the opinion of Martin Luther King Jr about the Vietnam War?

it took resources away from social forms apex

What was the impact of the war to Vietnam?

# Vietnam remains a communist country # Vietnam starts economical and political friendship with the USSR, China and later Korea and Cuba # Many former anticommunists flee, afraid of being punished # The relationship with US was frozen # Vietnam was in War for more than 20 years, the country and its resources are exhausted

Why Vietnam hate Khmer Rogue?

Vietnam did not hate the Khmer Rouge. The main reasons that Vietnam sent troops to help defeating the Rouge are considered of 2 reasons: 1/ Vietnamese troops will loot resources from area that they travel by. 2/ Cambodia is Vietnam's close neighbour, and the Khmer might attack the borders of Vietnam.

What are the natural resources of Vietnam?

phosphates, coal, manganese, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, timber, hydropower

What natural resources does Vietnam have?

Phosphates, coal, manganese, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, forests, hydropower

Compare Vietnam war to Korean War?

Both were 'hot' pateches in the Cold War between the Communist powere- the Soviet Union and Chines Peoples Republic and the West. Both wars sought to contain the attempted Communist expansion which was using proxies: - in Korea, North Korea backed by Communist Chinese forces and resources with covert Russian support, - in Vietnam North Vietnam backed by Communist Russia and Communist Chinese resources.

The main argument made by antiwar groups against American efforts in Vietnam was that?

resources were being taken away from poverty programs.

What are some of the most common complaints Vietnam veterans voice?

they complained about there living resources and there ability to have good care if ever injured

What resources did the French gain from Vietnam?

Before the invention of "Synthetic Rubber", natural rubber grew inside of trees (called rubber trees). Vietnam was rich in rubber trees. During the Vietnam War, US armored columnes frequently engaged NVA troops inside the rubber tree plantations.

Why did the French Indochina want Vietnam?

Ego and natural resources (especially with good sea ports). Nations with colonies were considered powerful countries.

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