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What responsibilities go with being a video game designer?


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Game Designers - Designs game play, and rules of a game. They decide what happens in the game, as well as why, how and when. They may also be responsible for writing the story of the game, including setting, characters, and plot.

Other people on a Game development team include:
  • Level designers - design playable levels, for characters to interact with
  • Character Designers - design playable characters to control, and non-playable character to interact with
  • Sound Designers - create, mix and synthesize sound effects that match different scenarios and actions in the game
  • Programmers - Make everything that is supposed to happen in the game work without noticeable flaws according to the Game Designer.
  • Animators - Animate actions for characters, scenes and objects to perform, as well as animating cutscenes

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The average starting salary for a video game designer is $57,500 per year. The highest salary for a video game designer is about $200,000.

The highest rank of degree to be a VIDEO GAME DESIGNER is a BACHELORS DEGREE

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The fringe benefits of a video game designer are they get to have fun at their job and do what they love. They also get to play video games and get paid for it.

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A video game designer can make around $60,000-$100,000 depending on the profession of the creator.

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There are not many skills needed, but you do have to have experience playing video games.^ The last answer to this question is completely bogus. You need a lot of skills for it. To be a video game tester is experience playing video games. The question is "What skills are needed to become a video game designer?" NOT "Are there any skills needed to become a video game designer?"

The developer comes up with most of the ideas for the game and the designer is the one you make those ideas real and put them in the game.

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