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What restaurants are at Interstate 65 and State Road 10 exit?

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Q: What restaurants are at Interstate 65 and State Road 10 exit?
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What is the exit number for Mauldin Road on Interstate 85 in Greenville SC?


What do you when you miss your exit on an interstate?

proceed to the next exit and reenter the interstate and return to the exit you want.

How do you use the word interstate in a sentence?

Interstate is a relatively new word for a highway system. It was first used for the new national highway system in the US." I got on the interstate at exit 10 and got off at exit 16."---As an adjective: Federal laws regulate interstatecommerce; state laws regulate intrastate commerce.As a noun: Take exit nine off the interstate and it's just a short distance from there.

What is the quickest route from Queens NY to Bradenton Florida?

Interstate 95 south into Florida. Interstate 4 across the state. Interstate 275 south to exit 3 just south of the skyway bridge.

What exit is Applebee's restaurant in Winston Salem off of you-77?

Interstate 77 does not go through Winston-Salem. There is an Applebee's on Stratford Road off Interstate 40 and one on University Parkway off US 52.

What should you do if you drive pass the exit on an interstate highway where you wanted to get off?

take the next exit

What is the distance between exit 163 and exit 170 on interstate 5 in Oregon?

about 7 miles

Where is the exit of victory road in pearl?

at the exit

What is distance from interstate 75 exit 354 in Florida?

The distance from the start of Interstate 75 at FloridaÕs border to Exit 354 is 307 miles. It takes 4 hours and 25 minutes to travel.

What exit would be halfway from iowa city to chicago ill on interstate 80?

The exit that would be half way from Iowa city to Chicago il on interstate 80 is the Great White Way.

What should you do if you drive beyound the exit on an interstate highway where you wanted to get off?

Go to the next exit where you can get turned around and exit there. NEVER try stopping in a lane of travel on the Interstate to wait for an opening. Trying to back up on the shoulder is equally dangerous.

What is exit 104 off interstate 90 in Montana?

Orange St

Are there any highways or interstates in Wisconsin that lead to Interstate 95 and eventually to Daytona Beach FL?

There are no roadways which lead directly from Wisconsin to Interstate 95. Offhand, the route I would recommend would be:Take Interstate 94 out of Wisconsin to Interstate 90/94When it splits, continue on Interstate 90 East, which becomes 80/90Around the Portage, Indiana area, you'll see an exit for Interstate 65. Take I-65 South.From Nashville, exit I65 and take Interstate 24 EastMerge from I24 onto Interstate 75 SouthAt Atlanta, take Interstate 20 EastSomewhere around Augusta, you'll see an exit for US 78. Take US78 East.US78 intersects with US21. Take US21 South.US21 runs you right into I95. Take I95 South to your destination.That's just what I figured from looking at the Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas.

What Interstate 90 exit is halfway between Gloversville NY and Fairmount NY?

I don't know the exit number but it is the one at I-790, Utica. That's Exit 31

Interstate 40 starts where?

Interstate 40 starts in Barstow, California (an exit off of Interstate 15), and runs all the way across the country to its end in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What is the exit number for the Maryland House on interstate 95?

The Maryland House is a Service Area, not a designated exit. It is located at mile marker 83.

What should you do if you take the wrong exit on an interstate?

To avoid causing an accident or committing a traffic offence, you accept you have made a mistake. Do not attempt to reverse against traffic to regain your missed exit. Go on and rejoin the interstate further on, or take an alternative route to your destination.

What restaurants are at the Garden state parkway rest stops southbound?

At Exit 42 - Atlantic City Rest Stop has TCBY, Nathans, Burger King, and KFC Express

What exit is New Haven Rd off Interstate 95 in Melbourne FL?

New Haven Avenue is Rte. 192, exit 180 off I-95

What exit is Route 22 East off the Garden State Parkway South?

Off of the Garden State Parkway southbound, Exit 141 (Vauxhall Road) would be the exit to take to get to US-22 East. Signs should direct you to US-22 in order to get to Hillside or whatever place you'd need to go from there.

What highway do you take to get from Chicago to Indianapolis?

From the heart of Chicago, one would take Interstate 90 East (that would be to the Chicago Skyway) and into Indiana. From the state line, take I-90 East to Exit 17, and keep right on the ramp to Interstate 65 South. From there, I-65 is a straightaway to Indianapolis.

How many road miles from Exit 183 to Exit 101 on you 95 in Florida?

82 miles

What actors and actresses appeared in Exit Road - 2014?

The cast of Exit Road - 2014 includes: Demetrios Frangias Beth Natoli Dane Sansevero

What are the tolls on garden state parkway?

From thruway exit 14A to garden state exit 40

Where is Kansas highway130?

Interstate 35 exit 141. It goes thru the towns of Hartford and Neosho Rapids