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The Presidents salary cannot be increased or decreased at any time during his term. This is to ensure that Congress does not use the Presidents salary as a bargaining tool to influence executive decisions. Constitution Article 2 Section1 Clause 7

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Q: What restrictions does the Constitution places on Congress in establishing the Presidents salary?
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What portion of the constitution establishing date for the start of each congress?

20th amendment

What power did the constitution give congress over the presidents veto?

Congressional Override

What branch of the government does the constitution restrict?

it restricts all the branches but the most clear example is restrictions on the congress the restrictions can be found in article 1 section 9 of the US Constitution.

What does the presidents appointment power come from?

It is in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section2, Clause 2.

What part of the constitution limits the presidents spending?

The Constitution forbids the president to spend money unless the spending is authorized by congress.

Why does the congress not the constitution set the presidents salary?

This is because times change and money changes value

What message of the presidents is prescribed by the constitution?

The state of the union address (or report) to Congress is required from time to time by the Constitution. Until Woodrow Wilson, the Presidents delivered their state of the union reports in writing,

Is it acceptable for the president of the US to exceed the boundaries of the Constitution?

i am pretty sure he isn't able to unless the congress changes the constitution to suit the presidents needs

Who establishes lower courts as they are needed?

Congress is responsible for establishing lower courts as they are needed. This is a power designed to this the legislative branch of government in the U.S. Constitution.

The US Constitution maintains a republican system of government through what?

the people i thinkthrought either a presidents power to veto acts of congress

What statement accurately describes one constitutional restriction on presidential power?

The constitution limits presidents to two four-year terms in office. Apex

What is the collective noun for president and congress?

The collective noun for presidents is a succession of presidents. The collective noun congress is used for a congress of baboons, a congress of crows.