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a logistical miracle, not without mishaps and accidents, known as the Berlin Air Lift, code named operation Vittles(Cowboy slang for food provisions) actually victuals> The Big Lift as it was called was both a major cold-war and humanitarian operation.

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When was the Berlin Blockade?

The Berlin Blockade was in 1948.

Who made the Berlin Blockade?

The Soviet Union caused the Berlin Blockade.

What is the population of Berlin during the Berlin Airlift-Blockade?

The population of West Berlin at the time of the blockade and airlift (1948-49) was about 2 million.

Western allies response to Berlin blockade?

what was western allies response to the berlin blockade

Was the Berlin blockade before or after the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Blockade (defeated by air transport planes from West Germany) was in 1948. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and lasted until 1989. The Berlin Blockade was first, before the construction of the Berlin Wall.

What was the Berlin blockade?

It was a land blockade of Berlin patrolled by Soviet troops between the western zone of Germany and the city of Berlin

How wa the Berlin blockade related to the cold war?

The Berlin Blockade symbalized Asian Communism

What was Stalin's complete cutoff of Berlin?

Berlin Blockade

The result of the Berlin Blockade in 1948 was that?

The Berlin Airlift

What was the Allied response to the Berlin Blockade?

the Berlin airlift

Who enacted the Berlin Blockade?

Hitler was the king of Berlin.

Is the Berlin airlift the same as the Berlin blockade?

No. The Soviets instituted the Berlin blockade, so the allies initiated the Berlin airlift to get supplies to civilians inside the blockaded city.

Why did the Soviet Union set up the Berlin blockade?

To blockade

Where was the Berlin blockade?

In the Berlin Blockade, the three Western sectors of Berlin were cut off from surface supplies from the West (and from the surrounding areas). It was in - or more precisely round - West Berlin.

How far out did the Berlin Blockade extend?

The Soviet Union did not blockade its own zone, so the blockade applied only to the three Western sectors of Berlin: it did not 'extend out'.

What was one success of the Berlin Blockade?

To isolate East Berlin from West Berlin

What impact did the Berlin blockade have on the allies?

The Berlin Blockade was supposed to cause the allies to give up western Berlin to the Soviet forces, but instead the allies constantly airlifted supplies past the blockade until it was lifted.

Did Berlin blockade force the western powers to leave the city?

Did the Berlin blockade force the western powers to leave the city

Who was in power of the USSR during the Berlin blockade?

Stalin. He was in power from the 1930s to the early 1950s. The Berlin Blockade occured in 1948.

Why did stalin and the USSR blockade west berlin?

The Stalin and the USSR blockade West Berlin mainly because of the cold war.

How did the policy of containment contribute to the Berlin Blockade?

The policy of containment contributed to the Berlin Blockade by stabilizing war-torn Germany.

How long did the Soviet blockade of East Germany last?

The Soviet blockade of West Berlin, known as the Berlin Blockade lasted from 24 June 1948 - 12 May 1949.

How did America and Britain solve the problem of the Berlin blockade?

soon after the Berlin Blockade America and Britain started Berlin Airlift under the leadership of General Curtis LeMay.

What was the outcome of the Berlin Blockade?


Who started the Berlin Blockade?

The Soviets.

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