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What rhymes with endeavour?

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Endeavour That's all I've got but I heard it in a shakespeare song at school

The endeavour is pronounced as endevor...

They will endeavour to get to the top of the mountain. It would take great endeavour to achieve their objective.

The motto of Endeavour High School is 'Endeavour to be the best you can be'.

the endeavour was built by NASA

The endeavour is 63ft wide

Captain James Cook was the captain of the Endeavour.

Endeavour College was created in 1998.

Endeavour Bridge was created in 1951.

The population of Endeavour Mining is 376.

The Endeavour could rightly have been called a ship.

The motto of Endeavour College is 'LIFE and Community in Christ'.

Endeavour High School was created in 2001-09.

The duration of Endeavour - TV series - is -6000.0 seconds.

Endeavour River National Park was created in 1975.

Yes, Captain Cook's ship was called, The Endeavour.

The symbol for Endeavour Silver Corporation in the NYSE is: EXK.

Operation Active Endeavour happened on 2001-10-04.

James Cook's journey on the Endeavour took place in 1769-1770.

Endeavour - TV series - was created on 2012-01-02.

Endeavour is the British English spelling which is used in the UK.The US English spelling is endeavor.

1994 NZ Proof Coin Set-Endeavour-Bi Metal 50c $25.00 NZD.

The US spelling of the plural noun or verb tense is endeavors.The UK variant is the given spelling, endeavour, and a British ship, HMS Endeavour, is the basis for the spelling of the US space shuttle Endeavour.

Endeavour (the U is the British spelling)In the episode ENDEAVOUR Morse's friend called him Tom.

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