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they could buy and sell property and run businesses.

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How did religion create the hierarchy in sumer?

Sumerian citystates were originally theocracies.

What rights did women have in the city-state of Sumer?

Women did have rights. They could buy and sell property. They could also run buisnessess.

What rights did women have in the city states of sumer?

Have fun and go on adventures and make babies

What rights did woman have in the city states of sumer?

they could buy and sell properties

Do women get rights?

In most countries, women do get rights.

What is one problem the citystates of sumer faced by remaning independent?

The city-states' armies were small and not united. Therefore, any attack from outside would surely spell demise. In addition, trade was difficult because of awkward geographical divisions.

What was the government of ancient sumer like?

Ancient Sumer had a monarch government. It was ruled by a king, also called an "en". Women had more rights than some other countries at this time. They were allowed to own land and run businesses. Some were even taught to read and write. Take that from a 6th grader!

Women rights in America?

About 1878. Women in America had rights.

What rights did Greek women have?

none cause women got no rights

What is the political units of city and surrounding land?


How were the roles of women different in Athens and Sparta?

In Athens women had no rights. In Sparta women had lots of rights

Women rights in Romania?

All possible rights; women are very favored.

Do Cyprus women have the same rights as a Cyprus man?

Yes women have rights.

Do women have equal rights in the UK?

Yes Women do have equal rights in the UK!

What were the rights of women during the Salem witch trials?

the women did not have any rights yet

How did women get their rights to have jobs?

Because women fought for there human rights that they rightfully deserved

What did Sojourner Truth stand up for?

For women rights and slavery For women rights and slavery

What rights did the Qur'an give women?

It gives women the same rights as a man would have.

Does women have the same rights as men in New Mexico?

Women don't have rights anywhere.

Do women have rights?


Rights for women after the French Revolution?

The Declaration of the Rights of Women (1791) promised rights to women, but there was not enough time between the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon for these rights to be recognized, since Napoleonic Code did not recognize women's rights.

Which citystates fought eachotherin the peloponnesian war?

Athens and Sparta .

How does the constitution protect women rights in South Africa?

Who cares, women should not have rights.

Did women have rights in Elizabethan time?

No. Only in modern history women have gained any rights.

What rights does Qur'an give to Muslim women?

The Qur'an gives the women rights equal to men.