Sumer was a region in ancient Mesopotamia, which is now modern day Iraq. The Sumer civilization was one of the first to develop agricultural skills.

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Languages and Cultures

Does anyone still speak Sumerian?

sadly,no.There culture and language is too old to speak and to know but, we know there form of writing,which is called cuneiform and is the very first form of writing.


What did sumerians kings do?

they keep order and try to keep there people happy plus solved promblems


How did the Sumerians communicate?

the sumerians were the first one's to develop a language called cuneiform. they wrote on clay tablets with stylus.


Give two cultural contributions of the Sumerians?

Their king, Hamurabi, established schooling and the sumerians designed a way to transport water without using pipes to higher ground level. They also created cuneiform, a complex form of pictograms and the first known form of writing.


How did the Sumerians advance their civilization?

They advanced their civilization by advancing in mathematics and cuneiform

they developed writing, religion, technology, arts, government, agriculture, raise animals, trade, and different jobs.

What did the sumerians call their wedge shaped alphabet?

Archaeologists call the Sumerian writing system "cuneiform".

We do not know what the Sumerians called it.


Were sumerians Jews?

No. Abraham lived among them, but was not related to them. His family originated further north and was Semitic. Also, Abraham's beliefs were the polar opposite of those of the Sumerians. See also:

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Is sumer a country?

No, Sumer was part of the country Fertile Crescent in 3000 B.C.E. It was also near the Persian Gulf and it is not around no more


Who introduce the first class mind concept?

My guess would be the Sumerians. Being of Royalty, or an Elder, or High Priest gave you special status and therefore special treatment from the general masses.


What city states of sumer is the world's earliest civilization developed in?



Why do you think priests were so influential in ancient Sumerian society?

I think priests were so influential because without priests, who would know what the gods needs.
so they can make new jobs
Priests were influential Sumerian Society because they told the Sumerians what the gods are going to do. I guess THANKS!
I think priests were so influential because without priests, who would know what the gods need. Its a priests responsibility to collect the sharing and scarifies for the gods.
They believed in many gods so the priests were often asked for help and they believed priests had the connection to all gods
Because they belived the gods were using the priests to communicate to them just like incans , mayans, and many others


When did the Sumerians develop writing?

Around 4000 BC, but it's up for debate. To be clear, Sumerians were not the first people to develop a form of writing. It's clear now that the Phoenicians developed writing before they did, and more recently it's evident that that was an off-shoot of Old South Arabian.


Which sumerian invention was the most important and why?

The most important invention of the Sumerian's was Irrigation.

Irrigation is how the Sumerian's led their water through pipes, etc.

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How many years did the sumerian empire last?

250 years

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How did Sumerian kings derive their authority?

The Chaldean Sumerians (Burghers) around Babylonia and of the Devas of the Indus River Valley Trade Cities was of a Sumerian World Trade Empire. The Sumerian/Devas Burgher citizens were a race of aristocrats that owned property in a City-State and that employed laborers for their International merchandising Industry in that City-State 'Corporation'. The land's common folks, the labor class, could not read, write, nor was allowed to vote. Only the City-State stock holders, the bourgeoise aristocrats of their Corporate City-State could vote -as they still do in all Corporations at present times. ________ Each elected Corporate State's Priest-governor [President}got their authority from these Burgher families' votes. They ruled their City-State under a Democratic Republic. This Political 'Burgher System' can be found in ancient times and for over 7000 years in places around the world.


What happened to Sumer under Sargon I's rule?

He Created the first world empire & he extended this empire to include all Mesopotamia


What is the sumerian's class system?

The Sumerian class system consists of three layers. The first layer, or upper layer is were the kings,priests, and nobles reside. The second layer, also known as the middle layer, has the less fortunate people, such as the merchants, artisans, and traders. The lower class holds all of the slaves.

Society and Civilization

What are two ways in which Sumerian society was different from society today?

One way is that Sumerians used to have empires. Another way is that the writing they have is cuneiform.


How would you describe the sumerians' religion?

The religion of Sumerians is quite simple. The Sumerians practiced something called "Polytheism". They built a pyramid-like structure called "ziggurats", which consisted of four platforms. At the top of the ziggurat, there was a small temple which was where they worshiped their gods. They had astronomical bodies, such as the sun, too. Although their gods were unpredictable, the Sumerians thought out was to discover the gods held in store for them. Like all human cultures, the Sumerians were struck by the wondrous regularity of the movement of the heavens and speculated that this movement might contain some secret to the intentions of the gods. The Sumerians believed that aliens came from another planet. Every thousand years their planet came close enough to earth for them to travel here. Their atmosphere was made mostly of gold and was thinning. They mixed their DNA with monkeys to create Australopithecines. They continued to modify smarter and smarter life forms to mine Earth's gold for them, explaining why our change from monkeys as being as the fastest evolutionary change. It also explains why the Sumerian's origins are unknown, and why they were the most scientifically advanced civilization. If it weren't for the Sumerians we would not have bronze or the wheel, and it's quite possible that without their contributions to science, other civilizations wouldn't have even reached the bronze age.


Why did Sumerians build walls around their cities?

They built walls to protect them selves from attack when they went to war over to gain control over the river water.

Climatology and Climate Changes

What was the Sumerian climate like?

The Sumerians basically had a lot of droughts , hot and dry weather that reaches up to 50 degrees celsius , while in winter , they had rain fall. In Sumer, It is usually hot and dry , but occasionally there are floods , but there is basically it :)


Which civilization mastered seafaring?

Sumer mastered sea farming


What was the ancient Sumerian's religious city?

The city of Ur was the ancient Sumerian's religious city.


What does the babylonians egyptians and the sumerians have in common?

they eat pie and pizza


Why did the Mesopotamians invent the number zero?

if you are in 6th grade, or know someone in 6th grade look at page 137 in an Ancient Cililization book.


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