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SOL tolls from date of LAST activity. Search in your browser on "CA + Limitation of Actions"

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Q: What rights do collection companies have ten years after a repossession in California?
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Rights of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them?

Information privacy

Does a non Indian have repossession rights on the reservation?


What are your rights in the State of Georgia in regards to car repossession?

What are your rights if a collection agent has recently began calling about the balance due on a 13-14 year old repossession?

DID the lender get a judgment for the balance due? Demand verification of the debt from CA. NO verification, NO PAY...

What is meant by Consumer Rights?

These are your rights under Federal and State Law. The FCRA, FDCPA, and CROA all protect you (the consumer) and give you certain rights to protect yourself from the credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, and credit repair companies.

If your car was hit and damaged during repossession what rights do you have?

CALL a local attorney NOW.

What is the collection of rights that allow people to make free choices?

bill of rights

How do you get gun rights back in the state of California?

How di you get gun rights back in the state of California

What are teenage rights in California?

A teenager in California has a few different rights. These rights include right to due process and right to counsel.

What are my rights for auto reposession in Colorado?

The car company generally has to give you notice before going through with a repossession. Also, they should give you the opportunity to pay the outstanding bill before resorting to a repossession.

What rights did American colonists have?

One of the rights that American colonist did have was the collection of taxes. The other rights that they did have was that of expression, association and movement.

What are your rights for auto repossession in Arizona?

Please elaborate on your question, are you asking from the standpoint of the lender or the borrower? Both, but I am the borrower.

What are your rights regarding RV repossession if you live full time in it?

You do not have any rights on it. You must make your payments if you want to keep living in it. RVs are not meant to be lived in full time.

What rights were granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The rights to enforce federal laws, including the collection of protective tariffs

Do repossession companies have to let you get your possessions out before towing your vehicle?

Depends on state law, in Montana absolutely not... if it comes to a forced repo (bank has contacted you and asked you to turn over and you have not), your car will be "legally stolen" by the bank. You will not have any rights to anything left in the car at the time of repossession. If your bank has contacted you, they have done their "good faith" duty in trying to recover their asset without damaging you (ie, please turn the car in ASAP).

What rights do partners in a civil union have in California?

Under California law, partners in an out-of-state civil union have all the same rights as a married couple do.

If a spouse quitclaims a property in California do they have any community property rights to it at all?

no there are no rights

What is the name of the collection of Jewish civil rights and religious laws?

Halakha (הלכה)

What emancipation rights do you have in California?

California Codes/Family Code Sections: 7120-7123.

Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?

No, he doesn't. He owns the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" which is part of the Beatles collection he owns the rights to. He does not own the rights to "South Carolina on My Mind".

How do you remove a paid collection from your credit report if you paid even though disputed and did not agree with it and provided proof to original creditor who still sent you to a collection agency?

Don't let a collection agency push you around. As a consumer you have many rights. The best places for anyone to exercise their rights are in small claims courts. For less than $100 you can bring a collection agency to their knees.

What companies protect the copyrights of composers and songwriters?

Both their publishers and their performing rights organization help protect their rights.

Can police interfere in a repossession because police in blue springs Missouri forced me to disclose third party information as they threatened to arrest me for knocking on the address of a debtor?

Police can investigate if a repossession is being legally accomplished. You cannot harass someone to collect a debt. They are in their rights to investigate.

What are cosigner rights in California?

Unless your name is on the vehicle or you reside in the apartment in which you co-signed, you have no rights in the state of California. If your name is on the car or home, then you can take possession and pay the note.

Why are there so many gay people in California?

I think they get better infrastructure there. There rights are much secure in California.