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There are very little risks with getting your eyebrow pierced if you take care of it. Your face CANNOT be paralyzed from an eyebrow piercing, it should never be deep enough to disturb any nerves, and again, if you take care of your piercing, it shouldn't reject. It may migrate a little, but you can have it for years and years.
Like any other peircing there is a sharp pain when it happens but honestly its hardly noticable and worth it.

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What are the risks involved in a vaginal piercing?

what are the risks involved in a vaginal piercing

What is the piercing on your eyebrow called?

An eyebrow piercing...

What should you get an eyebrow piercing or a lip piercing?

Whichever you want. I would get the lip piercing first. Its a bit easier to care for and you can learn before you try to handle an eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piercings are surface piercings so you have to be really careful with them so that they don't reject. As long as you're comfortable with the risks of both, I wold get the lip piercing.

What are the risks involved when getting a belly ring piercing?

The risks involved when getting a belly ring piercing are infections, nerve damage, allergic reactions and/or excessive bleeding. Most of the risks can be prevented by handling your piercing with proper, hygienic care.

Does a lip piercing hurt more than an eyebrow piercing?

Yes because a lip peircing penetrates your lip slowly and there is more blood involved in your lip than your eyebrow.

What is reverse piercing?

The opposite of the piercing, tragus ~ anti tragus, eyebrow ~ anti eyebrow.

Where can you get an eyebrow piercing?

A tattoo/piercing shop.

What does eyebrow piercing symbolise?

eyebrow piercings have no symbolic meaning

What types of eyebrow piercings are there?

Vertical eyebrow, horizontal eyebrow and anti eyebrow. The anti eyebrow is not actually on your eyebrow, but it is a very cute piercing.

Will you get a hole in your eyebrow or scarring if you get an eyebrow piercing?

An eyebrow piercing is a hole in your eyebrow. So long as you leave the jewellery in the piercing until it's fully healed the formation of scar tissue will not happen because the body is forming skin not scar tissue.

Where is Amy Lee's scar?

She has a scar from her eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow.

What are the precautions of eyebrow piercing?

If you do, get an eyebrow piercing, you're vulnerable, to infections. Also, for the first few hours your eyebrow may puff out a bit .. But its all normal :-D

If your eyebrow piercing got rejected will your earring piercing get rejected too?

No, your eyebrow and ear are two different parts of your body.

Does Amy lee have a eyebrow piercing?

she is from one of my favorite personalities and yes she is having a eyebrow piercing check out the link below.

Can you sleep with an eyebrow piercing in?


What is the scientific word for an eyebrow piercing?

It is called eyebrow piercing. There is no scientific or medical term other than the generic "body modification."

Does Miley Cyrus have her eyebrow pierced?

Miley Cyrus don't have eyebrow piercing !

Can you put a eyebrow ring into a cartilage piercing?

I have one in my rook piercing.

What is a surface piercing and is an eyebrow piercing considered to be surface?

A surface piercing is when the bar is ran through a surface flap of skin, rather than completely through a piece of body tissue. The eyebrow is not a surface piercing.

What does getting your eyebrow pierce mean?

piercing your eyebrow pooper :D google that shat.

What is the meaning of the eyebrow piercing on females?


Can you take out eyebrow piercing for a day?


How old do you have to be to get an eyebrow piercing in Minnesota?


Eyebrow side for lesbian?

No such piercing for a lesbian.

What does piercing the eyebrow mean?

It means you wanted an eyebrow piercing. In modern American society we don't use piercings to symbolize social stigmas' or standings.

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