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Nemunas (the biggest river, by the way)

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What bodies of water border Belarus?

Belarus is a landlocked country. Parts of its border are formed by rivers:Neman River (part of the border between Belarus and Lithuania)Bug River (part of the border between Belarus and Poland)

Which country is found to the North of Lithuania?

Lithuania shares a border with Latvia to the north.

Is Lithuania in Ukraine?

No. Lithuania and Ukraine are separate countries in Europe. They do not even share a border.

What is the longest river in Lithuania?

nemunas is the longest river

What countries border Latvia?

Lithuania Estonia Poland

What shares a border with Lithuania?

Latvia,Poland and Belarus.

What bodies of water border Lithuania?

Lithuania is one of the Baltic states: it borders the Baltic Sea.Baltic Sea.

Does the Baltic sea border Lithuania?

Yes, Lithuania is one the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and is north of Poland.

What countries border Lithuania?

Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Russia

What two countries border western russia?

Lithuania and Poland

Does the baltic border France?

The Baltics states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the Baltic Sea do not border France.

What 4 countries border Latvia?

Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and by a maritime border to the west with Sweden.

Where is vilnius?

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It's a city in SY (South East) of Lithuania. There flows the river Neris, one of the biggest rivers in Lithuania.

What three countries border the baltic sea?

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

What are the 3 rebublics that border the baltic sea?

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

The three countries that border the baltic sea?

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

What are 3 countries that border the Baltic sea?

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

What state border the Ohio river on the southern border?

The Ohio River

What country shares a border with Latvia?

Latvia got 4 border countries - Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Does Arkansas border the Mississippi River?

Yes its eastern border is the Mississippi River.

What states do not have a river border with Illinois?

Wisconsin and Indiana do not have a river border with Illinois.

What capitals border the Mississippi River?

does Baton Rouge border the Mississippi river

Does Poland have a border with Russia?

Yes, it also has a border with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine , Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia

What 2 countries border Latvia?

Actually, there are 4 countries that border Latvia. There's Russia, Estonia, Blarus, and Lithuania.

What countries border west of Russia?

Ukraine, Belarus, finland,estonia, Lithuania.