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What rivers do alligator gar live in?

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Mississippi river is the main river that alligator gars commonly live in.

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Where do alligator gar live?

Mostly in the U.S rivers and lakes.

Where do you fish an alligator gar?

The alligator gar is found in rivers and lakes of the southern U.S.

What bait is good for alligator gar fishing?

If using live bait, small fish are best for alligator gar. Longnose gar can be caught with nylon rope.

How long do alligator gar live?

they live for 50 years

What is the difference between a crocodile gar and an alligator gar?

The difference is that a crocodile gar does not exist; the alligator gar does.

Can you keep other fish with your alligator gar?

no, you should keep your alligator gar with your fishes or else your alligator gar will eat them.

What is the difference between an alligator gar and an alligator?

An alligator gar is a fish; alligators are reptiles.

Does lake Norman have alligator gar?

No, but Lake Norman, NC, has the longnose gar, a relative of the alligator gar.

Who would win in a fight an alligator gar or a baby alligator?

alligator gar cause its awsome like that

Is the alligator gar endangered?

yes...... with a research it is known that alligator gar endangered :(

What if your alligator gar is losing his spots?

Alligator gar lose the spotting as they age.

Is there a alligator catfish?

No, but there is an alligator gar.

Is an alligator gar prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

An Alligator Gar is made up of eukaryotic cells.

Why can the alligator gar live in muddy water?

Its bladder can act as a lung when needed.

Are there alligator gar in NC?

No. The only gar native to N.C. is the longnose gar.

Is alligator gar a fish?

Yes, the alligator gar is a fish; it's called an alligator gar because it is a big fish which has a long, narrow but very toothy jaw which looks like the jaw of an alligator. Alligators themselves, of course, are reptiles

What is a alligator gar and were does it live?

Gar are primitive fish, that feed on small fishes, and possess needle sharp teeth made to hold on to prey. The alligator gar is the largest, some over 180 pounds, and is found in river systems in much of the southern U.S.

What carnivores do the alligator gar eat?

Alligator hatchlings, for one.

Does an alligator gar have any enemies?


Is alligator gar fish poison?


What is a gar on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Well a gar is a big fish that live in rivers. they can only be caught in the summer

How much did the largest alligator gar weigh?

On hook and line? The world record alligator gar is a fish that weighed 279 lbs. exactly, caught in the Rio Grande. Still larger alligator gar have been taken by spear, and by net.

What does an alligator gar look like?


Are alligator gar salt water fish?


Does the alligator gar have lungs or gills?


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