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What rodent has green droppings?

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No mouse or rat naturally has colored droppings. Their metabolism is very fast and so they produce quite a number of droppings everyday. As many as 150 for a healthy mouse. The rodent bait we often use to exterminate mice is usually colored green or red. This is for human safety reasons more than anything. Since the bait goes through a mouses system so fast the color is retained in the stool and thus it comes out green or red depending.

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can rodent droppings cause meningitis?

Only if you eat it pussynigga

Do hamsters live on their droppings?

No. They need food just like any other rodent.

Which is a sign of a possible rodents infestation?

If you find evidence to rodent droppings you can be sure that you have an infestation.

Are there insect parts in peanut butter?

Yeah, 30 or more insect parts per 100 grams. Rodent hairs or rodent droppings are also allowed into it.

Is it better or healthier to drink soda out of the can or to pour it into a separate cup?

Its good because the soda can might have rodent droppings.

Which species of rodent is known to eats its own dropping for extra nutrition?

Many species of rodent eat some of their own droppings. This behavior is called coprophagy. They use it to recycle nutrients such as B vitamins. An example of such a rodent is the guinea pig.

Where do I set rat traps so nobody gets hurt?

Look about to see where there are droppings from the rodent, usually they will go behind objects. Put the trap behind refrigerator, under sinks. Such places that you find droppings but are out of the line of vision.

What do Green tree frog droppings look like?

brown circles

Physiological caused of green droppings in poultry?

A change in normal diet can cause loose green droppings in hens. Adding more corn (maize) to the mix could help solve this. If the droppings are still formed and not loose but just a noticeable color change from normal, suspect diet and adjust.

What does mole feces look like?

Mole feces is generally small and round. It can look like little pellets, similar in appearance to other rodent droppings.

How can you tell if mice and rats are around?

they have very small droppings and you can put flour on the ground to see if a rodent walks through it look up pics of rat and mice ore even hamster droppings and you can look up pics of their feet prints! hope i helped!

Why are green plants and animals mutualism?

some animals eat the green plants. The plants feed the animal, and the animal fertilizes the field with its droppings.

Which pests eat foam?

I can't think of one that eats foam but many will tunnel into it. Without seeing the damage it's hard for us to speculate, but my guess would be a rodent for nesting material or just gnawing. Look for rodent droppings if damage extensive and doesn't indicate something smaller.

We have a rodent problem but it is only attacking cartons of soya milk any ideas what rodent it is?

People with pet rats swear they love soy milk. if it was mice, you almost always see them sooner or later, since you haven't it might be rats. Search for droppings and that will tell you or if you hear sounds occasionally overhead.

What do you do if your dwarf hamster's droppings are green?

If they are firm and normal apart from the color then there's nothing to worry about. Sometimes droppings get funky colors depending on what the hamster is eating. But if it's diarrhea then you should get it checked at the vet.

Is horse a rodent?

no a horse is not a rodent

Who can you get droppings from On Howrse?

your horse does droppings overnight

Do chipmunk droppings look the same as mouse droppings?

Chipmunk droppings do look like mouse droppings. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. However, chipmunk droppings are a tiny bit larger.

What did the boy rodent say to the girl rodent?

What did the boy rodent say to the girl rodent? The answer to this riddle is: I gopher you!

Does mole droppings look like mouse droppings?

YES, because a mole is brown like mouse droppings

What b fuel is made from animal droppings?

Bio-fuel is the type of the b fuel that is made from the animal droppings. The animal droppings include the droppings of the cows, chicken and the goats.

What are the shape of a wombat's droppings?

Wombat droppings are cube-shaped.

Pictures of mouse droppings?

can you show me a photograph of a mouse droppings

Do squirrel droppings resemble mice or rats droppings?


What droppings look like jelly beans?

Deer droppings