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Canada's involvement in the United Nations was that they were part of the 50 nation representatives that met in San Fransisco to sign a charter that established the United Nations, from April to June in 1945. Canada strongly supported the UN and the idea of collective security, offering money and support for world peace.

as for the Korean War, Canada's involvement was not as significant as the Americans, though the two countries formed a friendship, almost, which proved useful during battle. Canada was part of the war until a truce from both sides was made in 1953.

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What role did the United States play in the Korean war?

It led the United Nations forces.

What role that the United Nations play in the Korean War?

The UN was the key support for South Korea in men and materials..

What role did the United Nations play in the formation of the city?

The United Nations has NOT formed any cities.

What role did Eleanor Roosevelt play in the United Nations?

She was a Chairman of the United Nations and commision on human rights.

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What role did the United States play in the development of the United Nations?

The US played a (perhps even the) key role in founding the United Nations.

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What role do african nations play on the UN?

The United Nations continues to assist the East African country of Burundi. The United Nations is playing an active role in efforts to restore constitutional.

What roles did the united nations soviet union china and the US play in the conflict in the Korean War?

The UN supplied men and material. The Red Chinese supplied men and material; the Soviets supplied material and advisers.

What role did the United Nations play during the holocaust?

The united nations wasn't formed until after WW2 so it didn't play any role during the holocaust since it didn't exist at the time.

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4 What role did the Soviet Union and China play in the Korean War Why was there involvement significant to the conflict?

The Chinese Army was actively fighting UN (United Nations) forces, while the Soviets were equipping the Chinese and the North Koreans with weaponry.

What role did united nation play in Korean war?

The UN fought it's first war in Korea.

What was the main purpose of the UN when it was founded?

The United Nations was founded to play a greater role in world affairs than its predecessor, the League of Nations, did.

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What role did the U.N. nations play in the Korean war?

Member countries of the UN supplied troops and war materials to aid South Korea.

What role did Yalta play in creating the United Nations?

Yalta was effectively the forum for negotiating the creation of the UN.

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