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Gandhi played a very significant role in modern Hinduism. He introduced a number of philosophies that even allowed women to participate in the religion among other things.

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What role did Hinduism play in the Indian Independence Movement?

Hinduism played vital role in India's freedom. Just Because of Hinduism people got united and fought for their mother land.

What role does Hinduism play in Indian society?

Hinduism keeps the society united. Hinduism also helps people to believe in one Supreme God.

What role does the Rig Veda play in the Hindu religion?

As the oldest book in hinduism.

What role to the pyramids play in modern Egyptian culture?

they don't really play a role because they don't exist in modern Egyptian culture.

What role did the hwarang warriors play in making modern Tae Kwon Do?

The hwarang warriors all died hundreds of years ago, so they did not play a role in the making of modern taekwondo; however, their legacy inspired the men who did play a role in the making of modern taekwondo.

What role did Gandhi play in India's Independence?

He won India's independence through non-violent protests

Who played the role of Gandhi in the movie Mahatma Gandhi?

Ben Kingsley

Who played the role of Kasturba Gandhi in the movie Gandhi?

anita kapoor

Who played the role of Gandhi in the film Gandhi?

That was the brilliant Ben Kingsley.

What role to women play in the modern middle east?

they dont have much of a role, they belong in the kitchen

What role does money play in modern elections?

One Word Bribery!

What is the role of the water in Hinduism?

they bathe in it

What role did Germany play in the development of the modern rocket?

they protested against the jews, forcing them to create modern rockets.

What role does Vedas play in Hinduism today?

they no doubt form the bedrock of the universal religion or "Sanatana Dharma" that all Hindus follow

What role do sadhus play in Hinduism?

Sadhus are saints of Hinduism. They spread the message of god among people AND take care of the religious belief and Sacred Texts. They also take care of poor and needy.

What role did the rise of capitialism play in the renaissance?

It didn’t play a role at all. Capitalism is a modern idea and it will be another 500 years before it is a valid philosophy.

What was the role of the pundit in Hinduism?

They are honest in our society.

What is the role of a father in Hinduism?

the best one

What important role does reincarnation play in the Hindu religion?

in Hinduism Reincarnation (punarjanma) play very important role. Reincarnation (punarjanma) make people believe in The Law of Cause and Effect (karma) & prevent them from doing bad deeds.

How has Hinduism prevented modern social mobility!?

Hinduism was designed to be religion of society and civilisation, rather than of individual. Hinduism covered aspects of speciifc role to certain people with the help of Caste system and Dharma (righteous living) and The Law of Cause and Effect (karma) . This prevented social mobility.

What is the role of a Hinduism?

'Sanadhana Dharma' is the real name of hinduism. It means 'The Way of Life'. A-Z of life from birth to death is dealt in hinduism.

What role does nuclear weapons play in modern war?

None active, just threat.

Who is nelson Mandela's role model?

Mahatma Gandhi

What is the role of astrology in Hinduism?

Astrology played a vital role in Hinduism. Astrologers were so accurate that they could predict the future of a person by just seeing the planetary movement.

What role do the Maharaja Princes play in modern democratic India?

I an I am actually from India, and beleive me- the Maharaja Princes play almost no part in modern politics. We have reverted to a democracy similar to that of America's.