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Propaganda played a key role in WWII in he sense that it had the ability to mobilize a whole nation to fight a war which it would not otherwise have considered to fight.

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Q: What role did propaganda play in World War 2?
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What role did propaganda play in World War 1?

it was used as a way to get people to buy bonds and get them to join the army

What was Joseph Gobbles role in world war 2?

Reichsminister of Propaganda .

What role did propaganda play in ww1?

Propaganda was used to convince people of a country that the war effort was justified and that the country was on the good side.

What role did the media play in helping the country mobilize during World War 2?

Hollywood created war-oriented propaganda films & thus media helped mobilize the country during world war 2.

What role did alliance system play in the outbreak of World War I?

The Allied Forces were feeling the tensions of the soon to be world war 1, and began fighting amongst themselves, due to the German Propaganda that was spreading.

What role did Rosie the Riveter play during World War 2?

She was a propaganda icon used to encourage women to do their part on the homefront for the war while the men went off to battle. She's a symbol of women in the workforce.

What role did propaganda played in World War 1 and World War 2?

It helped countries in convincing the populace that the war was a good idea. Preventing revolution and convincing more citizens to enlist.

What role did Arabs play in World War 2?

not much

What role did the British gunboats Mimi and Toutou play in World War 2?

It was World War one.

Who used propaganda World War 2?

All the governments used propaganda.

What was Konstantin Chernenko role in World War 2?

During WW2, Chernenko served as Secretary of the Territorial Party Committee for Propaganda.

Who else used propaganda during World War 2?

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

What has the author Peter Buitenhuis written?

Peter Buitenhuis has written: 'The great war of words' -- subject(s): American Propaganda, British Propaganda, Canadian Propaganda, English literature, History and criticism, Literature and the war, Propaganda, Propaganda analysis, Propaganda, American, Propaganda, British, Propaganda, Canadian, War and literature, World War, 1914-1918

What effects did propaganda have on World War 1?

to support the war

What role did Africa play in the conflicts of the 20th Century World War 1 World War 2 and the Cold War?


World War 2 propaganda posters objective?

The objective of World War 2 propaganda posters was to rally support from Americans for the war. World War 2 lasted 6 years and 1 day.

What role did imperialism play in causing war world 1?


What role did Neville Chamberlain play in world war 2?

he was a spazz

What role did appeasement play in World War 2?

new weapoins

What role did Britan play in world war 1?

Winston Churchill

What role did America play in World War I?

Entered in 1917 as an ally.

What role did style play in World War 2?

Nothing whatsoever.

What role did the treaty of versaille play in World War 1?


Did Industrialization and World War 1 play a role in Surrealism?

yes it did

What kind of role did a pilot play in World War 1?