What role did the church of England play in the colonies?


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To purify church practice

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There was one role that the church played in Massachusetts. The role that the church did was separating from other New England Colonies.

The role the church played in Massachusetts was to separate completely from other New England Colonies.

in 1534 Henry had parliament pass laws that created the church of England.

The Catholic church helped the Spanish and Portuguese American colonies by controlling the colonies. The church also attempted to make Catholicism the main religion.

Depending on what Religious group you belonged to influenced where one would settle in the new world. the New England area was dominatly Puritan and the middle Colonies were religiously tolerant while the Church of England was all over Virgina.

The role the church played in Massachusetts was to separate completely from the other New England congregations, so no non-religious person would sabotage the church.

The navigation act is the support the role of colonies. This was supported by England.

Religion is the entire reason the New England colonies exist. The Pilgrims came to New England in search of religious freedom, and they created colonies where people were free to worship as they chose.

They believed that they should pruify the church of England

what role did slaves and indentured servants play in the colonies

They helped control the colonies and tried to set the main religion for the new world. Hope I helped.

To put it simply, the role of the Church is to mediate salvation.

becuase they wanted to grow and smoke weed all day but the king of england did not let them

basically the church ran everything .the church was on top. metephorically.

In 1620 the Purtians established Plymouth colony and within that colony it was very important, but there were no other colonies in Massachusetts in 1620.

What role did a medieval baron play?It was the rank if noblitly.

the role that the church played was religion the church was a religous seperate from the E uropeans <3 ^^

Amongst other things she is the head of the Church of England (Anglicanism)

In the year 2010, absolubtly no role.

How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

asses the role the church plays in creating a good family

The Queen is head of the Church of England. This dates back to Henry the eighth when he broke away from the Catholic church and proclaimed himself as head of the Church of England.

Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics who were fleeing persecution in England. The Puritans, Quakers, and other protestants who were being persecuted by England also fled to the colonies. Not all colonies were founded with religious intentions however. Southern colonies such as the Carolinas were founded for agriculture and Georgia was founded as a buffer state between the English colonies and Spanish controlled Florida.

Well, imperialism played a role. but the economy played a role.

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