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What role did religion play in the development of the New England colonies?


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It slowed them down.


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Religion is the entire reason the New England colonies exist. The Pilgrims came to New England in search of religious freedom, and they created colonies where people were free to worship as they chose.

becuase they wanted to grow and smoke weed all day but the king of england did not let them

they actually didnt believe u should be prsecuted for religion

Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics who were fleeing persecution in England. The Puritans, Quakers, and other protestants who were being persecuted by England also fled to the colonies. Not all colonies were founded with religious intentions however. Southern colonies such as the Carolinas were founded for agriculture and Georgia was founded as a buffer state between the English colonies and Spanish controlled Florida.

mrs rosey may from the southern colonies told us they were very very rich so we fail for it!

id say protestant episcopalian and lutheran and catholic .. i mean think England

How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

Depending on what Religious group you belonged to influenced where one would settle in the new world. the New England area was dominatly Puritan and the middle Colonies were religiously tolerant while the Church of England was all over Virgina.

In some cases the colony was established because of discrimination against the religion. The Pilgrims and Quakers are examples of colonies established because of an religion.

Religion played a very large role in the development of society during the times of the New England Colonies. The Puritans were the first people to settle in these colonies and with their understandings of the Bible they were able to form structure, laws, ethics and morals. These believes also brought fear, a fear of the unknown and the fear of deviant behavior towards those in powers. It was this fear that later brought about the Salem Witch Trials and other massacres to the human race including slavery and the movement of Native Americans beyond the Mississippi River.

The culture of the New England colonies centered around their religious beliefs. They believed that the body should not be idle, and people should not be frivolous. They worked long hours. They read and wrote about religion. They did not play sports or spend time on leisure activities.

They attacked England. It's huge..just google it. :)

The children had fun w/ religion and also chose their religion. they also did lots of games.

They came to America to get away for the religious freedom, so it played a huge part in establishing the colonies. The religion that they set under was Christianity.

In the year 2010, absolubtly no role.

mai chudayee england and maiyee chudauuooo tm

They helped control the colonies and tried to set the main religion for the new world. Hope I helped.

It was very important thing that thwey worked together.

They played the Quakers it gave them religious rights

It played an important role. It gave them a religious freedom. One of the middle colonies was made just for religious freedom.

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