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What role did religion play in the development and survival of English language?


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id say protestant episcopalian and lutheran and catholic .. i mean think England

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The development of English as a global language took place in the 1950s by the British colonisers.

Well, you've halfway answered your own question. The English brought the English language. The religion they brought was of course Christianity.

He established English as a language worth writing in.

Major language is Arabic and Major religion is Islam other languages is English and french and other religion is Coptic Orthodox

Because they allowed their language and culture to fuse with those of the English. This effected the English Language enormously.

Cancun, Mexico religion is catholictism and there languages are spanish and english.

Indian Subcontinent: Main language divided between Hindi and Urdu. Main religion divided between Hinduism and Islam.Central Asia: Main language Persian or Persian derived languages. Main religion Islam.Far east: Main language is Chinese or smiliar language. Main religion is Bhuddism.Middle east: Main language is Arabic, main religion is Islam.Northern Africa: Main langauge is Arabic, main religion is Islam.Southern Africa: Main common language is English, main religion is Christianity.Europe: Main languages are English, French, German, Russian or Russian derived languages. Main religion is Christianity.Anglo-America: Main language is English, Main religion is Christianity.Latin America: Main language is Spanish or Portugese, main religion is Christianity.Oceania: Main language English, main religion is Christianity

Christianity is mostly and American and European religion, so typically English. But Christianity is a religion that is practiced throughout the world, so there is no "language."

None. The U.S. has no official language or religion. English is the most common language, as it was the primary language of the first Colonists. Likewise, Christianity is by far the most common religion, but to declare an official religion would violate the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It's a form of simplified English that is used by those who not having a great command of the language still need to speak it in their daily lives and at work. Many tourists and newly-arrived immigrants typically use Survival English to try and cater for their basic everyday needs. Survival English may be simple but not necessarily broken or grammatically incorrect.

English language: a catalyst of change and the attainment for millennium development goals (2015)

The Italian madrigal led to the development of the English madrigal, but the main difference is the language

Though English is a language and a peoples and Christianity is a religion, they are both growing rapidly around the world

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Islam is a universal religion and so now it is pracrtised by people speaking every language from Mandarian to the English. Quran, however, is in Arabic and also, Prophet Muhammad spoke Arabic. Accordingly, it could be said that Arabic language is the original language of Islam religion.

the correct answer is English because if they was still alive they would not be able to communicate with the English people right now.

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Religion is belief followed by a person or a group. Example Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

The only problem in using English for international discourse is that not everybody speaks English.

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