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What role did women play as a colonial homemaker ni the colonial times?


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In colonial times, women weaved sewed, cooked, and tended to the children.

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Women didn't have time back then

Women in Colonial America typically played house wives. These women would take care of the children and cool the meals at home.

Women played a big role in farming in Colonial Delaware. Women were responsible for cultivating the crops as well as tending to their own homes and families.

women do play sports in rome

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In colonial times there were horse races, picnics, and children would play with balls, hoops and sticks.

it was hard work and they rarely had time to play

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Kids in colonial times did not ice skate like people do now a days. Kids did play on the ice but they just slid around on their shoes.

Kites, Hide and Seek. Most of the games that we play today!

You use a stick and try to roll a hoop for as long as you can.

They had absolutely nothing to do, so they invented a new sport. Futball!

yes, often lacross was played in colonial times. they would also come up with games to play in their free time for fun.

They cooked, cleaned, and sometimes worked in the plantations picking cotton, or other cash crops.

Women were not allowed to act in those times. Only men were allowed and they did have to act as women. Women could and did do backstage jobs, particularly in the "tiring house" (costume department).

Yes they did but they were not allowed to go into contests.

It is because Women were not allowed acting on stage. It was against their little rule.

Virtually everyone below adult age was 'home-schooled' then, and women played the primary role in this function. Ah, the good ol' days.

Yes, the children in colonial America got to play often, as long as they helped with chores.

During the colonial resistance against British Rule, women played an important role by forming a group called "Daughters of Liberty". The women further boycotted British Tea, and also weaved their own clothes to become self-sufficient.

They used to play with this thing call the saw. (It was a piece of string attached to two pieces of small wood. And there was a button in the middle)

At one point in time, women were not allowed to play sports. Now, during present times, you can find women playing any sport they desire.

The church played a huge part in the colonial Delaware's life. The reason why people during those times learned how to read was because they were obliged to read the bible.

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