What role do power and authority play in your life?

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If you have both, you have a lot of influence on a LOT of people. And, depending on how good your heart is, you'll make good choices. But, unfortunately, generally speaking, not very many people remain good at heart with a lot of power and authority in their lives.
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What role does chemistry play in your life?

Chemistry comes into play every day, from the soap that foams andcleans, to the denaturing of proteins in cooked food. Chemistryalso helps power automobiles via combustion.

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Humans are Gods greatest creations, the top of the food chain, the whole reason this earth exists. It is the humans job to live out the role that God has put them on this eart
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What role does RNA play in your life?

It is used in translation to create enzymes and proteins that are crucial for proper functioning of the organism, and without these products of RNA, the organism would die.
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sport plays a massive role in our because if we didnt do sport we would get fat and wouldnt be ble to do many thing