What role does cellular respiration plain in the metabolism of an organism?


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Cellular respiration takes excess hydrogen out of the cell by combining it with oxygen so that it can be eliminated from the system as water. Its the end product of the Krebbs cycle in ATP production.

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Metabolism (from the Greek <μεταβολή> which means in plain English the change from a form to another). So, the chemical reactions, which happen in an organism to sustain life are called metabolism.

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No need for Oxygen. also....All living things in the world including plants require energy in order to function. This energy is obtained from the food we eat. The cells break down the energy stored in the food through a unique system known as cellular respiration. In plain language, cellular respiration means the procedure through which the food is broken down by the cells of living beings in order to produce the energy which is in the form of ATP molecules (also known as the Adenosine Tri Phosphate molecules). Plants use a part of this ATP energy during photosynthesis for producing sugar. The sugars are then broken down during cellular respiration. This cycle is continued again and again as long as the plant lives.

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