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What route do you find Trophy Garden on Pokemon pearl and diamond?


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In Pokemon diamond and pearl the trophy garden is located on route 212. Glad to answer your question!


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in pokemon pearl/diamond it is in the trophy garden

it is one of the daily Pokemon in trophy garden

Go to the trophy garden in the pokemon mansion

In the same location where you can find it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Bonsly is located in the trophy garden in Diamond and Pearl as well as routes 209 and 210 for Pearl.

The Trophy garden is found in the Pokemon mansion south of Hearthome city

trophy garden in platinum pearl and diamond

Chansey is a daily pokemon at Mr.Backlot's trophy garden. Hope this helped :)

you find it in a garden called trophy garden

in the Pokemon mansions trophy garden

Jigglypuff is located in the trophy garden.

Evolve a meowth, which can only be caught in the Trophy garden (the garden in the mansion south of Hearthome city, ask mr backlot what Pokemon is in the garden that day)

Trophy Garden. You can also get Pichu there.

You cannot unlock the off-limit room of Trophy Garden in Pokemon Pearl, so as Diamond and Platinum, even though you defeated Elite 4. It is just a decoration.

Go to the Trophy Garden. Catch a Male Jigglypuff. Nickname it "Michael Jackson". You're done.

use the poke radar at the trophy garden

Backlot's trophy garden, south of hearthome

Porygon is found rarely in the Trophy Garden.

They will randomly appear in the Trophy Garden.

in the trophy garden after you get nat dex

Yes you can in the trophy garden(it is not easy)max

In the trophy garden (below hearthome city)

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