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He looked up Gabriel's name before the Ceremony

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Jonas' father broke the rule of releasing a set of twins that were born in the community. Instead of releasing one of the twins according to the rules, he decided to keep both twins alive because he couldn't bear to separate them.

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Jonas's father looked at the naming sheet to find out Gabe's name

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Q: What rule did jonas father break?
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What rule did Jonas break The Giver?

he was playing with the apple with asher

What rule did Jonas break?

He looked up Gabriel's name before the Ceremony

What rule does Jonas father disobey in the giver?

do not tell a lie

What fascinate Jonas about his father?

The fact that his father had broken the rule of looking at the naming sheet before the naming ceremony

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In the book "The Giver," Father breaks the rule of releasing a twin, Jonas's new sibling, because he mistakenly believes the child is too small and frail to thrive. This action goes against the rules of the community and demonstrates Father's compassion and humanity.

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Jonas broke the rule against touching and being physically close to others in order to comfort Gabriel. This act of compassion showed Jonas's growing understanding of love and connection, which were suppressed in the society he lived in.

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