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The majority wishes to have sex with the attractive Girl. LOL. and Their mind fills up with Sexual Toughts.

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What are the signs that a girl finds a guy attractive?

The signs of when a girl finds a boy attractive is when the girl looks at you often, when she laughs at everything at you say, when she tries to get your attention by walking past you or laughing, and when she constantly talk to you but with a nervous tone.

What kind of girl is attractive?

Being attractive is subjective. Who one person finds attractive another may not.

What does it mean if a girl finds you cute?

When a girl says that she finds you 'cute', she means that you look attractive. Not in overwhelming 'OMG' kind of way.

What to do if your crush finds you attractive but likes another girl?

throw yourself at him

What do you call a man who finds it difficult to find the attractive girl?


What does it mean if a girl blushes when you talk to her?

It means she likes you and/or finds you attractive.

How do girls look more attractive?

Being yourself is one of the most attractive qualities a guy finds in a girl. Smile when you can, and let him know you can have a laugh with him. Many guys find that a girl looks most attractive when they are not over doing the makeup or trying to hard. Were a perfume that when he See's you will remember the way you smelt.

Does Justin Bieber like girls with their nose pierced?

Yes, Justin Bieber finds girls with their nose peirced very attractive. That's what he looks for when he meets a girl.

What does it mean when a girl stares at you but doesn't talk to you?

she either finds you attractive or repelling

How to know if a girl finds me attractive?

If a girl always wants to be around you, or always smiles at you, she might find you attractive. Another sign is if she casually touches you while you're talking.

What is the meaning of Bobby Valentino's video Slow Down?

Bobby Valentino looks at this girl who he finds pretty attractive and just tells her to slow down so he can talk to her. I think that's what it means.

Can a 6th grade boy get a 7th grade girl?

It is defiantly possible if she finds you attractive. Good luck :)

If a girl stares at you when your not looking does this mean she likes you?

It depends what her stare looks like. If she looks at you in disgust, that means she finds you gross or yucky. If she looks at you in awe, that means she likes you or finds you cute, hot or sexy.

What does it mean when a girl says she enjoys seeing you?

A girl will say she enjoys seeing you when she likes spending time with you, she enjoys your company and when she finds you attractive.

Is chest hair for a 15 year old attractive?

You can't have one exact answer to that question because although some girls DO find it attractive, some girls do. You just have to find a girl who finds it attractive

How do you tell if a girl likes you-?

A girl may like you if she looks at you alot, finds ways to be near you, and wants to hang out.

What does it mean when all girls blush around only one guy?

The girl likes that guy or finds him attractive.

Do guys like girls with curly golden hair and green eyes?

Depends on the guy, guys are usually first attracted to a girl by looks, so its whatever the guy finds attractive in girls. when you like somebody after a little while it goes beyond looks and depends on a personality

How do you use attractive girl in a sentence?

she is an attractive girl.

Do women find men in wheelchairs attractive?

If the girl is shallow,no. If the girl looks past it to his looks or personality, it could be most likely that she does like a guy in a wheel chair Answer I've seen plenty of men in wheelchairs who were very attractive and appealing, along with great personalities and positive attitudes.

Why he never comment your look or behavior?

For guys, it can be kind of awkward to compliment a girl on her looks since there is a fine line between being sweet and seeming like a pervert. It is very likely that he finds you attractive, but is just afraid that by saying it, you will take it the wrong way.

What does Harry Styles like from a girl?

Harry Styles likes girls who play hard to get or turn him down at first. He finds a turn-down attractive.

What make a girl find someone attractive?

Well can be looks hair eyes kisses hugs acts personaility anything jsut wat type of girl she is

What does it mean if a girl likes another girl?

If a girl likes another girl, it may mean she likes women. It could be that she likes the girl as a friend. If she finds a female's body sexually attractive, then she may be a lesbian or bi-sexual. It could also mean that she is going through a period in her life where she is experimenting with her sexual identity and has not yet determined if she is heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual.

What do you do when your boyfriend works with a girl that he thinks is attractive?

nothing. I'm pretty sure there are many girls your boyfriend sees randomly on the street that he finds attractive. It's human nature. The problem lies only if he acts on the attraction.