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some of the safety precaution in troubleshooting a PC.

1. take off all the accessories in your body to avoid accident.

2. put all the sensitive devices in a proper place to avoid damage.

3. make sure that you know what are you doing.


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there are three types of troubleshooting in computer hardware troubleshooting software troubleshooting peripheral troubleshooting

10 computer hardware errors and troubleshooting

Microsoft's website has a large compilation of guides and help menus for troubleshooting issues with various software and hardware of your computer. They also have a help center.

A computer technician is usually tasked and is responsible for, but not limited to setting up computer systems, software, and diagnosing/troubleshooting software and hardware.

A computer technician must be skilled in every aspect of computer operations. They should have an expertise in hardware and software as well as good troubleshooting skills.

MCSE schools will provide training for network administration and general computer hardware troubleshooting. Schools are more like community colleges.

A number of tools are used in troubleshooting PCs. Diagnostic software and boot disks are probably the most common. If a hardware problem is suspected, then part swapping is used. Diagnostic cards are sometimes used too.

The computer is the hardware. Without the hardware there is no computer.

answering inbound and outbound calls. especially software,hardware,connectivity and troubleshooting. answering inbound and outbound calls. especially software,hardware,connectivity and troubleshooting.

This will vary depending on the individual space. An architectural structure of a computer shop describes the location computer hardware. First determine the space, then determine the hardware which will occupy the space and you will better find an appropriate architectural structure of computer shop.

The Advantages of computer hardware is if your computer using hardware is more faster than the others

Computer hardware is the components that make up a computer. Computer architecture is the model used to combine the Hardware into a working unit.

troubleshooting means finding and eliminating problems.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Computer Hardware & Software will impart you the knowledge to fix slow or broken computers.

It is computer related hardware.

A computer monitor is hardware.

If the volume of your computer stops working, you will need to perform troubleshooting steps to determine the problem. Check the "mute" button to be sure that the computer was not accidentally switched to mute. You can also access "Device Manager" to perform diagnostic tests on the hardware of the computer.

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.

A computer monitor is hardware. It only provides for display.

Computer hardware is the physical parts of the computer. This is in contrast to software, which is the non physical programs that the hardware runs.

The computer software tells the hardware what to do. Without the hardware, the software would not exist. Without the software, the hardware would be useless.

You can obtain a career as a computer technician by applying for jobs that require the skills of a network technician. A networking technician focuses on the set-up, troubleshooting and repair of hardware and software products.

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