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Q: What scene was most interesting in Oliver Twist?
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Who is the most interesting character in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist.

Who is the most intresting character in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist of course

Who wrote the Novel Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is one of the most famous novels on the planet. It was written by one of the most famous writers - Charles Dickens.

How old is the film Oliver twist?

he was 9 at years old in the film of Oliver twist. But the most recent movie was released in 2005

Why is Oliver Twist related to poverty?

Because Oliver Twist lives in poverty for most of his childhood until Mr. Brownlow adopts him.

Who was the best character in Oliver Twist?

Although the Artful Dodger is crafty and sly, Fagin is the most interesting characters especially because he sometimes borders on being insane.

Who wrote the music to Oliver?

If you mean Oliver Twist, there are several diffrent versions. The Most recent version, "Twist", had its music written by Gila Sand.

What are some lead roles in musicals?

lead roles are basically people with the most lines and who are the most important in the story, so in Oliver Twist Oliver Twist is the lead followed by Annie.

What is the most popular book by Charles Dickens?

Oliver Twist

Who stars is Oliver Twist?

There are many versions of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, both in movies and on TV. The most recent theatrical release was the 2005 version of Oliver Twist starring Barney Clark as Oliver, Ben Kingsley as Fagin and Harry Eden as Artful Dodger.

What Charles Dickens book sold the most copies?

oliver twist

What was Charles Dickens most famous books he wrote?

Probably Oliver Twist!

How does Oliver from Oliver Twist feel?

For the most part, Oliver is a little sad. But he always remains hopeful. He is hopeful that he will find someone who loves him, which he never had. This is portrayed in the song "Where Is Love".

Who directed the most recent film of Oliver Twist?

The most recent was a made-for-TV movie directed by Coky Giedroyc and starring William Miller as Oliver.

What is the most interesting part of the story of 3 idiots?

it reveals the nature of engineering student and the more important is application..... myself the most interesting scene is the baby delivery scene because that scene shows the application of engineering student in various ways

What is Charles dickens most popular novel?

Probably Oliver Twist, Great Expectations or A Christmas Carol

What are three of Charles Dickens's most famous story?

A Christmas Carol, Oliver twist and Little Dorrit

What was Charles Dickens 3 most famous characters?

Three of his most famous characters are Oliver Twist, Faggin, and Bill Sykes.

What key is food glorious food in?

A-minor until key change into C This song - from the hit musical "Oliver", based on the Dickens novel "Oliver Twist"- is set in the orphan work house where the play first begins, this scene is most well known for th einfamous line "Please sir, can i have some more?"

What is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators?

A criminal always leaves DNA in the crime scene, and recovering evidence such as fingerprints and DNA is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators. Forensic investigators can recreate a crime scene using evidence and crime simulation programs.

In which book by Charles Dickens does Bill Sykes appear?

Bill Sykes is the master thief in the book Oliver Twist. Bill Sykes appears in Oliver Twist. He's considered one of the darkest and most irredeemable characters in Dickens' oeuvre.

What were orphans in cities most likely to do?

Without the guidance of good parents they would turn to crime. Think of Oliver Twist.

Charles Dickens stories?

Charles Dickens Most famous stories are: Oliver Twist, Little Dorit & A Christmas Carol.

What was Charles Dickens most famous work?

Charles Dickens most famous work was Oliver Twist. It has been made in to plays and films and is a world wide favourite

Who played in Oliver Twist?

The main flim of Oliver! (there has been many others) Mark Lester played Oliver the street child. There have been a number of film and TV versions of Oliver Twist, and there are more closely related to the book. These are three of the most recent: In the 2005 Roman Polanski version Oliver was played by Barney Clark. In the 2007 British version, William Miller played the role. In the 1999 British TV version (also featuring Keira Knightley and Andy Serkis, among others), the actor playing Oliver was called Sam Smith. Other versions can be found on the internet Movie Database.