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Q: What scene was most interesting in Oliver Twist?
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Who is the most interesting character of Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist.

Who wrote the Novel Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is one of the most famous novels on the planet. It was written by one of the most famous writers - Charles Dickens.

How old is the film Oliver twist?

he was 9 at years old in the film of Oliver twist. But the most recent movie was released in 2005

Who was the best character in Oliver Twist?

Although the Artful Dodger is crafty and sly, Fagin is the most interesting characters especially because he sometimes borders on being insane.

What is the most popular book by Charles Dickens?

Oliver Twist

What are some lead roles in musicals?

lead roles are basically people with the most lines and who are the most important in the story, so in Oliver Twist Oliver Twist is the lead followed by Annie.

Who stars is Oliver Twist?

There are many versions of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, both in movies and on TV. The most recent theatrical release was the 2005 version of Oliver Twist starring Barney Clark as Oliver, Ben Kingsley as Fagin and Harry Eden as Artful Dodger.

What Charles Dickens book sold the most copies?

oliver twist

What was Charles Dickens most famous books he wrote?

Probably Oliver Twist!

Who directed Oliver Twist?

There have been about 25 'legitimate' productions of Oliver Twist and many that would be considered pastiches or spin-offs. Oliver! the musical was directed in 1998 by Carol Reed, Ronald Saland.

What are three of Charles Dickens's most famous story?

A Christmas Carol, Oliver twist and Little Dorrit

What is Charles dickens most popular novel?

Probably Oliver Twist, Great Expectations or A Christmas Carol