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Q: What scholarship did jack nicklaus attend Ohio state on?
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Where did jack Nicklaus go to school?

Ohio state university

What GPA doe you have to have to get a scholarship to Ohio state university?


Where did Archie attend college?

Ohio State

What college did Jesse Owens attend and when did he attend?

Ohio State in 1935.

How hard is it to get a scholarship to Ohio State University?

It's very hard to get in that University.

Which college did Jesse Owens attend?

Ohio State

Where did Archie Griffin attend college?

Ohio State

What college did Terry Glenn attend?

Ohio State

What college did Korey Stringer attend?

Ohio State

Which college did Archie Griffin attend?

Archie Griffin was from the college Ohio State in Ohio.

Jack Nicklaus was born where?

He was born in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the average GPA you need to attend Ohio State?


Student teacher ratio for Ohio State university?

how many boys and girls attend Ohio state university

Does Ohio state university offer band scholarships?

yes because they affer any scholarship

What degree did Jack Nicklaus earn in college?

Jack Nicklaus attended and graduated from the Ohio State University. He has a degree in Design and Architecture. He also has an Honorary Doctorate in Law from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

What college did Chester Bennington attend?

he attended Ohio State University

What GPA do you need to attend Ohio State University?

2.7 or higher

How many students attend Ohio state university in 2010?


What is the phone number of the Jack Nicklaus Museum in Columbus Ohio?

The phone number of the Jack Nicklaus Museum is: 614-792-2353.

What schools did Jesse Owens attend to?

Ohio state Cleveland east hs

seeking scholarship for cosmetology program at the ohio state school of cosmetology?

For scholarship info for the Ohio State School of Cosmetology, contact the financial aid office: Salon Schools Group, Financial Aid Office, 1720 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43203, or call 614-252-5252 or 800-276-3400 (toll free in Ohio).

Does Ohio state have a good teaching program?

Ohio State is arguably the best teaching school in Ohio. Ohio University and John Carroll are also great institutions to attend if you would like to go into teaching.

What date was jack nicklaus born and where?

1/21/1940 columbus ohio

Did actor Vince Edwards attend Denison Univ?

Vince attended Ohio State.

Where did Santonio Holmes attend college?

Santonio Holmes attended Ohio State University