What school does Miley Stewart go to?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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my opinion is that miley stewart is homeschooled

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Q: What school does Miley Stewart go to?
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Where does Miley Cyrus go to school in the show?

In the First series, Miley Stewart and Lilly Turscott go to Seaview middle school

What is hannahs Montana school name?

miley Stewart =]

What is the name of miley Stewart school?

Seaview High School in Hannah Montana.

What year did Miley Cyrus go for the part of Miley Stewart?

2003 or 2004

Who are the most popular girls at Miley Stewart's school?

Amber and Ashley.

When was Miley Stewart created?

Miley Stewart was created in 2006.

What High school did booboo Stewart go to?

Stewart high school

What was Miley Stewart's name before Miley Cyrus was casted?

it was Chloe Stewart!!

What is Miley Stewart's favorite color?

Miley Stewart's favorite color is purple.

Who is Miley Stewart's godmother?

miley Stewart (character) and Miley Cyrus's god mother is dolly partondolly parton

Do Miley Cyrus go to school?

Um, yes. Miley Cyrus does go to school. She is home schooled.

On the show how many best friends does Miley Stewart have?

miley Stewart has no friends, obviously because she's miley Stewart.duhr.