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The are several great schools for chef training. One of the leading schools is Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary arts.

The best school for chef training and culinary arts is the Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, Texas.. It is part of the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts schools which are known for their high quality. It is number one in the top 100 list at

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It depends on what state one lives in. But there are cooking schools found in pretty much all the U.S. states. What would be important to research, is the reputation of the chef schools found in one's state. Reviews of local chef schools may be found on the following websites: Chef School Review, All Culinary Schools and Chef Cooking Schools.

It depends on which program and which school you are looking at. It can take from two years, which would be basic training, to four years which would be executive chef training.

You will need to enroll in a culinary school and complete their program. After that, start applying to places wanting a chef and hope for the best.

Chef training is done at culinary school and the courses given there are specific to cooking and managing a kitchen and staff. Prior high school courses have little or no relevance to what you will learn in culinary school.

Wanting to become a certified chef? There are many options to choose from, including the prestigious Cordon Bleu school of Culinary Arts to simple Sous Chef training. Many chefs begin with on-the-job training, and therefore experience varies.

There is no education that is required for being a pastry chef. Many people consider bakery school to help a great deal, however.

The duration of Chef School is 1800.0 seconds.

it depend on what type of chef .A regular restraunt chef would have to go to chef school.

To become a chef, you will need a culinary degree which includes training in food preparation, baking, and business. You can also get this training through an apprenticeship.

what type of schooling does a chef need

Chef School was created on 2008-01-01.

To be a chef, you need Culinary Arts training for sure.

The Natural Gourmet Institute which was founded in 1977 offers Chef Training courses to prepare students for working in many different areas of vegetarian cooking such as restaurants, teaching, catering, writing, private chef and more. With this school you will gain the knowledge you need to become a vegetarian chef.

It's totally depending on your capability or intelligence. If I am talking about short -term chef training courses One year and long term chef training maximum 3 year. I think 3 year chef training courseis good for a professional chef. One year course,students learn only basic knowledge of chef , and three year chef training courses learn more new things, all the knowledge of a professional chef, cutting, chopping, how to serve, we can easily understand the responsibilities or duties of chef. Visit the link, this link is helps us and clear you're all doubts.

A specific college degree is not needed for chef training. You can apprentice under a qualified chef and take training at many of the accredited culinary schools around the world.

Hello. If you're dreams to become a popular chef, first you need a professional training of Chef. The Hurst Campus is only one of the most popular and higher education school of chef offered a great study, live training, good acccomodation & internships. To learn more about , what kinds of duties & responsiblities you can handle it. Visit the website, and get more details.

The best school in North Carolina for Culinary Arts is at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Charlotte. You can request information by visiting

The minimum educational requirements needed to be a chef is just a high school degree. Although going through college and gaining experience and training make it easier for you to get high up.

Training to become a pasrty chef varies depending on what exactly you want to do. Typically it takes about two to three years.

you go to school for 12 years to study before you become a chef

To become a chef you need to get training in other words culinary training or you can take a six month course. a GCSE in food, and a food and hygenie certificate.

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That number depends on the reputation of the chef, and the size of the establishment he works for. A good chef with a very good reputation working at a fine hotel could make over 100,000.00 dollars a year. That number is an estimate it could be either higher or lower.

As long as god wants you.

by training for it and being rich init =)

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