Best Answer has a list of schools offering online degrees in the paralegal field. Check out for more information.

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Q: What schools will let me achieve my paralegal degree online?
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Which schools offer an online paralegal program?

Some schools offer online paralegal program. They include National Paralegal College, which allows one to have a paralegal certificate in 7 months, and a paralegal associate degree in 15 months, and bachelor in legal studies in less than 3 years.

What accredited colleges or schools offer financial assistance for online paralegal classes?

Kaplan University and University of Phoenix Online, both offer Paralegal Degree programs. Both schools offer the opportunity to complete these degree programs online and offer financial assistance.

Where are some of the paralegal schools online?

Some of the paralegal schools online are in New York but they have some paralegal schools in California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and last but not least and in Tennessee.

What is a good pregnancy diet for a 29 year old?

There are many paralegal schools in Indiana, and some are better than others, but more expensive. If you are looking for affordable paralegal schools, you should visit the paralegal degree website, they provide you with some of the best, and affordable paralegal schools in your area online.

What are some schools that offer online paralegal education?

Some schools that offer online paralegal educations are the ones funded by the government. Your local sheriff's website may have online paralegal education as well.

Can I get Paralegal Training online?

You can get Paralegal Training online. There many colleges and schools which offer paralegal training and certification course online. You can contact schools like 'The Center for Legal Studies, which offers 14 week online program.

Where do I find online paralegal schools?

You could look for colleges online that have majors for paralegals. Some online schools that offer paralegal degrees are Westwood, South University, Blackstone Law, or

What is a good paralegal school online?

If one is looking for a paralegal school, then there are multiple online schools to choose from. These schools include Kaplan University Online, Boston University, and Penn Foster Career School.

Where are some paralegal schools online?

There are many online colleges that offer paralegal studies. One of the places is called Carrington College, and another one is National Paralegal College.

what is the best paralegal online school is out there?

If you are looking to become a paralegal, you cannot earn your degree for this occupation at any online college, you will have to enroll in a local school.

Where can I go to school to become a paralegal?

To become a certified paralegal, you need to go to a paralegal school or take online courses that offer the same training. Some of the schools include The Paralegal Institute.

Where can someone go to train to be a paralegal?

There are schools that train paralegals all over the country as well as online. One online school is called National Paralegal College. You will want to compare different schools that are close to you.

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