What scientific laws or theories have been proven wrong?

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In Science
These are a few scientific theories - most of which differ from modern theories in that they were philosophy- or religion-based ideas, with little real evidence, rather than scientific experiment and thought - that have been proved wrong throughout history.
  • Flat Earth hypothesis. NOT A SCIENTIFIC THEORY (DOGMA) Disproved by Eratosthenes around 200 BC
  • Phlogiston theory. Created to explain the processes of oxidation - corrosion and combustion - it was disproved by discovery of the fact that combustion is the reaction of fuel with oxygen and that corrosion is caused by oxidation of metals and the formation of compounds. Disproved by Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier 1780
  • Geocentric theory of the solar system. NOT A SCIENTIFIC THEORY (DOGMA) Disproved by Nicolas Copernicus around 1500 AD
  • The classical elemental theory (that all substance is made of earth, air, fire and water). Disproved by the discovery of subatomic particles and the modern elements, as we know them today.
  • Aristotle's dynamic motion. It was an attempt at explaining momentum and why certain substances behave in certain ways; it was linked to the concept of the classical elements. Disproved by Galileo around 1600
  • Ether as a carrier of light waves and radio waves. hypothesis, never a THEORY. Disproved by the Michelson-Morley experiment 1887
  • Newton's corpuscular theory of light. While correct in many ways - it was the modern concept of the photon - it too was supplanted by the dual wave-particle theory of light that explains all aspects of it. I want to give credit for this one to Louis de Broglie 1929
  • Newtons Laws of Motion. Still highly respected and ubiquitously used they were 'improved upon' by the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein 1940
  • Spontaneous Generation That living things were spontaneously created from other biological material, as bee from flowers or flies from decaying flesh. Disproved by Francesco Redi 1668.
  • Lamarckian Evolution That the phenotype of living thing was determined by their exertions during life. Displace by Natural Selection, George Wallace and Charles Darwin around 1800
  • The Age of the Earth as calculated by Lord Kelvin. Corrected by Ernest Rutherford with the discovery of radioactive decay around 1930
  • Ideal Gas Law. Never regarded as a true law as no gas ever behaved ideally. A working standard only. Invented with the understanding of its limited use. Emile Clapeyron 1834
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Has the Bible ever been proven wrong?

Opinions on this question vary from 'Yes, many times' to 'No, theBible has never been proven wrong'. Below are some of the opinionsexpressed by our contributors: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It depends on how one defines "proven." For some people anycontenti ( Full Answer )

Has it been scientifically proven that ghosts exist?

The short answer is that the Scientific community is on the fence when it comes to any Paranormal object, be it a ghost or otherwise. However, where once it was considered "fringe science", the serious investigation of Paranormal activity is now being pursued by many top Universities and Colleges, u ( Full Answer )

Can a theory be proven wrong?

\n . \n . It is much easier to prove a theory wrong than right in most cases. As soon as evidence is found that does not fit the theory, it is effectively proved wrong. It is extremely rare that evidence is found that conclusively proves that a theory is correct.

What scientific laws have been proven wrong?

The earth is flat, when it is actually round,,,,. flat can also beround lay a coin flat and it can be round. the spinning oblatespheroid model is badly flawed under natural laws within scienceand psychics. fluid dynamics will explain. uncontained water willflow and seek level. bodies of contained wa ( Full Answer )

Why can't a scientific theory be proven correct?

A scientific theory cannot be proven correct because there is noway to look into the future and find out if the theory is everrevised. Theories tend to change greatly as new discoveries aremade.

Has voodoo been proven wrong?

yes. In many cases voodoo is wrong. Some people say if you believe hard enough in it, it works. Other people think its 100% pointless and doesn't work. Take your pick

Whose theory of the universe was proven wrong?

The Ptolemaic theory (geocentric) put forth by Claudius Ptolemy(100-170 AD) was based partly on the work of Aristotle. It wasreplaced by the Copernican theory (heliocentric) beginning around1400 AD.

Why is the cell theory a theory not scientific law?

-it is not a law, because more things about the cell can be discovered , within time..This is because new technological objects can be invented (such as the microscope) that can change the understundig of what we think a cell is. -" Laws don't rely on complex external proofs " so it is not just l ( Full Answer )

How does a theory become a scientific law?

A scientific law can be reduced to facts and formulas that areundeniably basic and apply universally. Theories are more broadexplanations of what happens and why. They can still be provenwrong and have not been proven right.

How does scientific law differ from theory?

Scientific law cannot be experimentally disproven.. Scientific theory is required to be challenged, to attempt to be disproven. There are no laws in science, only theories..

Is a theory a hypothesis that has been proven true?

A theory is not just a hypothesis that has been proven true. 1) A hypothesis in science is merely a conjecture put forth to provide a basis for further debate and to conceive research and experiments. It is a working guess, not an untested theory. 2) A theory is a comprehensive set of explanatio ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for a scientific theory to be wrong?

\nYes ... in theory.\n. \nScientific knowledge is always provisional knowledge, that is, not absolutely certain.\n. \nHowever, it is very, very rare for a well established scientific theory to be completely overturned. Ordinarily theories are refined by correcting small errors, or by filling in m ( Full Answer )

How does a scientific law differ from a theory?

Fequently this is a matter of tradition. Law's which have been bettered such as Newton's Law of motion are not renamed and theories which are proven are similarly not renamed.

Is gravity a scientific law or theory?

It is law, definitely not theory . I would say it is a Theory. We don't know the exact effects of gravity everywhere and how it effects everything. . We only have a loose general idea on how gravity works, and interacts with the universe and our surroundings. . Laws should not only be testabl ( Full Answer )

Has telepathy been scientifically proven?

Telepathy is not natural possible. Telepathy is only possibleunless a person is under the influence of demons. Let me explain tohow that works. Demons can't minds but they can transfer someoneelse thoughts to you and y'all pick them.

Has the Bible been proven true scientifically?

A: It has been scientifically proven false. The astronomy is all wrong in the bible. There's lots of pseudo-science in the bible. It was written 2000 years ago by ignorant people. Of course it's scientifically wrong. A: Science can only do so much, and of course it is not a priority of resea ( Full Answer )

A theory is a hypothesis that has been proven true?

No. It can never be "proven" true. It's always open to question, and to any demonstration of its failure. But after time goes by, and no evidence has been presented to demonstrate that the hypothesis fails, and the hypothesis has made predictions that were confirmed by experiments designed to test ( Full Answer )

Is matter a scientific law or a theory?

There are actually many laws about matter like that you can't destory it which sparks a theory about matter being what happens with the energy when you die.

How are a theory and scientific law the same?

A theory is a hypothesis that been tested and proven correct every time; a scientific law is a formula that embodies the principle of that theory in symbols, constants and units. For example, Newton's law of gravity says that the force of gravity between two objects is proportional to the product of ( Full Answer )

Is Scientific theory a proven fact?

Scientific theory is the accepted explanation of the phenomenon. It is a proven fact to the experiment condition However, the theory can be use for prediction of various further scenario that might be out of reach for proving it. Scientific theory may become invalid at some condition unknown to the ( Full Answer )

Can a scientific hypothesis be proven right or wrong?

A scientific hypothesis is often a theoretical statement stated before performing an experiment. They hypothesize that something is the case, perform the experiment or test, evaluate the results and then come to a conclusion about the hypothesis. Should the results be negative, the hypothesis is ei ( Full Answer )

Has evolution been scientifically proven?

No. Evolution has been excepted as science, but it is not scientifically proven. Second answer Only mathematical equations can be "proven." Science simply compiles evidence that best supports natural phenomenon. In order for something to be considered scientific, it has to be falsifiable. So ( Full Answer )

How was Aristotle's dynamic motion theory proven wrong?

Aristotle's dynamic motion theory was proven wrong by a man named Galileo. He tested Aristotle's theory by dropping a heavy object and a lighter object at the same time. The experiment proved Aristotle wrong because the result was that the two objects were falling at the same rate (speed).

Has the theory of evolution been proven to be true?

Scientists do not prove things and truth is always provisional; unless you are an ideologue. That said, evolution is a fact and the theory of evolution by natural selection explains a great deal about that fact, in a internally consistent way and supported by mountains of many lines of converging ( Full Answer )

Can a scientific theory be proven true?

Using strictly scientific definitions, no, a theory cannot be proven true. We shall examine why: Firstly, a hypothesis is an explanation of some phenomenon or group of facts, and can be tested repeatedly. This needs to be understood as the basis for the theory. A theory is a hypothesis which has su ( Full Answer )

Can theories be proven wrong?

Theories can be proven wrong with one piece of credible contrary evidence (e.g. gravity can be disproven if a scientist demonstrates that a dropped apple flies upward with no external help when it should be under the influence of gravity). However it is impossible to prove a theory absolutely right ( Full Answer )

What is a scientific theory and a scientific law?

scientific theory is something they believe and a law is something that always happens scientific law means a phenomenon of nature that has been proven to inveriable occur whenever certain conditions excist scientific law: a statement or equation that can predict what will happen in certain situat ( Full Answer )

How can a scientific theory be proven?

A scientific theory can never be "proven". It can only be "Disproved. Science is a process of elimination. We eliminate those theories which are not in agreement with current experimental evidence. But, it is nearly unreasonable to claim to have produced a theory which is in perfect agreement with e ( Full Answer )

Can a theory still be considered a law even if the theory is proven wrong?

Newton's Law of Gravity has been disproven, but it is still considered a law because it remains widely applicable. It is only a little bit wrong in extreme situations, such as the sun's perturbations of the orbit of Mercury, or at relativistic velocities. In science, concepts do not become elevat ( Full Answer )

How is a scientific theory proven?

a scientific theory is proven through observations and experiments In the scientific method, a theory is a hypotheses that has some experimental support. No scientific theory is ever considered "proven"; instead it can be said that it has not yet been falsified by experiment. In general, the theory ( Full Answer )

Is a law a proven theory?

No. A law is a description of an observed pattern in the universe. A theory is a model that explains observations. E.g. atomic theory explains many of the things that matter does. There will not be a time in the future when we will call it "atomic law" because the model of atoms is concerned with ex ( Full Answer )

What is a scientific theory and law?

A scientific Theory is when it tries to explainsomething in an experiment that happens repededly in nature or the natural world. A scientific law is whenthere is repeated behavior in an experiment but cannot be explained.

Is scientific theories ever proven?

There was once a theory, that electromagnetic waves might be used for communication over long distance. Your mobile phone is the proof that the theory was correct.

Has it been scientifically proven that ghost exist?

No, it has not been scientifically proven, but people claim to see them all the time. your question is more based on religion. depending on what religion you follow, 'ghosts' or spirits mean a different thing!:)

Can a scientific law be proven true?

A scientific law is a theory that has been tried and tried again without fail. So, yes. It can be proven to be true.

How is scientific law different from a theory?

A scientific law completely describes the results of a particular situation. A theory describes a range of results with some question about what occurs at the margins. In general Laws are more specific than Theories. For example, we have Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation that only applies in wea ( Full Answer )