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You have tohave an almost high average score to get into noe middle

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Q: What score do you have to have to get into noe middle school?
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What is Noe Middle School's motto?

Noe Middle School's motto is 'A NOE-ticeable Difference in Education'.

Do you have to wear uniforms at noe middle?

if you are talking abou the one in jefferson county ky then no.

What is a high school credits?

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Does noe middle have a football team?


What is a great sat score for a middle school student?


What is the crct perfect score?

well if your in middle school its 980 for 2013 and if your in highschool its probably 1000

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Is 1910 a competitive SAT score for a middle school girl and will it rise with time?

Studies have shown that retaking the SATs can increase the score by approx 100. The average SAT score is 1509.

Who won the 2009-10 city wrestling champions for middle school?

Hugo A. Owens middle school won by beating Greatbridges 11 yr steak with a score of 210 to 197

What is noe middle schools mascot?

If you are talking about the one in Louisville Ky, the Mascot is.................COUGARS!!

What are the sat or act score Requirement for university of Georgia?

Mark Kerce. JJ Daniel Middle school!

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