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What script on roblox can you use to get admin commands?


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One popular admin commands script is Person229's admin commands. You can find these commands on the free models. There are also numerous other VIP command scripts available on the free models which you can use.

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You can get admin commands for Roblox on the free models. One popular admin commands script is Person229's admin commands. There are also numerous other VIP command scripts available on the free models which you can use.

There is no way to make another user an admin on the Roblox website. However, you can give a user admin-like powers within your place using an admin commands script. Check out the related questions below for instructions on how to use an admin commands script.

Majority of users will agree that the best robot admin commands to use are the Person299 Admin commands. The reason is Person299 admin commands have the most to utilize in roblox.

Creating an admin commands script requires an extensive knowledge of scripting. However, there are many admin commands scripts on the free models that you can easily modify for your own personal use. Simply obtain a script from the free models, double click on it's icon, and change the list of admins that will usually be near the top of the script. A great script to use for admin commands is by Person299. It works really well.

If you look at the beginning of the script it will have a green section, that explains all the commands. Just type those commands in the chat bar to use them.

One of the most popular admin commands script is "Person229's admin commands". You can find these commands on the free models. There are also numerous other VIP command scripts available on the free models which you can use.

To make admin commands on your ROBLOX game First,click free models.Then, search up "Person299 admin script". Next, use it.Then, click view on the top left hand corner and click explorer.Last find "admin script" click it then put the people you want (you don't have to if you don't want to) next test it out and you made admin

Only possible without a bunch of safety. Otherwise just say "commands" to find out the commands

The way to use commands are usually listed in the script but most of the time you use slashes like this: blowup/Telamon kill/all speed/125/me teleport/others/me You can usually abbreviate names

After you've added the admins to the script, press the X in the top right of the screen or use the Menu in the bottom left and click Save in the box that comes up.

Well if you have admin say "commands" and then it will tell you them.

Simple, there is no admin so there's no way to use admin there.

You can't with cheat engine. Use a different program to hack to admin in the game, then change your level using admin commands.

Their isn't a answer yet I have researched but I still haven't found the answer. If you've found the answer Email me at Thank you.

It doesn't work anymore. If you use it it just kills you not everyone in the server.Approved. Ion496If there is an admin script on the game you are in and you are an admin you say loopkill/ and then you type the name of the robloxian you want to loopkill.

VIP commands are generally used by typing a command in the chat box, and pressing enter. A script in the game will then pick up this command, and do something in the game. To use VIP commands you first need to have a VIP commands script in the game that has you listed as a VIP. After you do this, save your place, and play the game. Also, most VIP command scripts will give you a list of the commands that you can use if you chat 'Commands'

Perhaps these codes will be helpful: admin/Person299 Makes Person299 able to use the command script, cannot be used by admin/ed people adminlist Shows a list of everyone in the adminlist unadmin/Person299 Undos admin/, cannot be used by admin/ed people See related links for more codes.

Use one of Anaminus's Script building games.

To put a script into something, you have to go to roblox studio and open the dicovery directory thing, click the double click the thing u want it in and make or type a script there. U can also use script builders to see if the scripts work

You use a script, I don't know how to script, search it up on Free Models.

I'm researching thisthere is no answer yet~Sakka6873

Open up a brand new script in build/studio mode. Copy/Paste your script or type one in. The best place to learn to script Lua with Roblox is at this is where I learned to script. Or use the Roblox Wiki. It is very helpful when it comes to scripting. My favorite article on it is 'The Absolute Beginners Guide to Scripting'. Hope this helps.

learn to script or use free models

search cleanup script on free models. use the most bought one, some are bugged

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