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Biblical Outline of SalvationPlan of Salvation

1. Romans 10:17 (Hear the message)

2. Hebrews 11:6 (Believe the message)

3. Luke 13: 3 (Repent)

4. Romans 10:9 (Confess "Jesus is Lord" Refers to public confession 1 Timothy 6:12)

5. Acts 2:38 (Get Baptized)

1 Peter 3:21

its your baptism that saves you. yes God's grace, and your faith, plus baptism

The Practice of Baptism

Revelation 3:20 alot of people who don't believe in baptism use this scripture

you cannot pray Jesus into your life. ( in all the conversion stories in Acts, they don't say "they believed in their hearts and they were saved.")

you need to understand the commitment before making it

Romans 10:13 i know people who don't believe in baptism use this scripture as well, this is talking about Israel coming back to God, like someone who was with God but left, it was not talking about the plan of salvation.

Acts 22:16 you are CALLED to be baptized.

Colossians 2:12

In your baptism, you are being buried with God and rise because of faith.

Ezekiel 18:20

"Original Sin" belief that babies are born with eve's sin.

1 peter 3:21

people say that baptism doesn't save you, but by getting baptized you are doing what God wants you to do

Ephesians 2:8

we are saved by God's grace. Formula: your faith + God's grace= salvation

Romans 6:2-4 Remember this scripture, it informs you of what happens when you get baptized.

1 Corinthians 1:17 i know people that use this scripture as well to discredit baptism. paul explains about different beliefs and divisions that were going on. This scripture does not say that baptism is not important. it just says that that's not Paul's main focus. This scripture gets taken out of context.

Jesus could forgive sins even while he was alive.

Matthew 9: 2-6

"Believer's Baptism" saved as an adult but no faith.

John 3: 5-8

you need to understand the word when you get baptized

Acts 2:38

what do you get from baptism?

1. the forgiveness of your sins

2. the gift of the holy spirit

1 Timothy 4:16 (watch your life and your doctrine closely)

watch your life: be careful what you do.

watch your doctrine: be careful what you believe

AnswerMark 1616He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.John 33Except a man be born again (Baptism?), he cannot see the kingdom of God.

There are no scriptural references that clarify that baptism is necessary for salvation because salvation does not depend on baptism. There have been many who have died before they could receive the ordinance of baptism. One such proof was the thief on the cross who believed on Christ and was received into paradise that very day. Should a person be baptized? yes! Baptism is an important step for a Christian. Please read I Peter 3:18-21.

My contribution started at "There are no scriptural....... The remarks under ANSWER are not my answer but somehow have been attached to my understanding of baptism - busyasabee.

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Q: What scriptural references clarify that baptism is necessary for eternal salvation?
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Why is baptism important to Catholics?

Baptism is one of the seven sacraments that Catholics believe are necessary for salvation.

Is it necessary to undergo water baptism to receive baptism of the holy spirit?

No. A water baptism is to only publicly announce your choice to follow Christ. To receive salvation you must take Jesus into your. Admit your a sinner and Confess He is your salvation.

Why is infant baptism important to some christians?

Because they miss the entire point of baptism and believe that it is a necessary rite of passage for salvation.

Why would you be declined to be baptised in a Orthodox church?

Generally speaking, no one should ever be denied baptism in an Orthodox Church, as baptism is necessary for salvation.

Is baptism indispensable for salvation?

Baptism is not indispensable to salvation, but the two go hand in hand.

Who participates in baptism?

Baptism according to the Bible is baptism of believers. Various churches will baptise infants but this is not scriptural practice.

Is baptism necessary?

yesRoman Catholic AnswerOur Blessed Lord was very clear that baptism was necessary for salvation. Every Catholic should know how to administer the sacrament of baptism in an emergency if someone is dying and has not previously been baptised. In the normal course of events, it is impossible to enter heaven without baptism.

Does the salvation army believe in infant baptism?

The salvation army does not practice sacraments. As such, they do not believe in infant baptism.

Do pentecosts believe in water baptism for salvation?

They do. but they believe you don't have to be baptized in order to make it to heaven. there are some pentecostal church that teach water baptism is necessary for going to heaven...others teach why would you not want to be, but that its not necessary

What is the significance of Baptism?

Baptism washes away the original sin that we are all born with. this is the result of Adam and eve disobeying God. Baptism into the holy catholic Church is necessary for salvation. Baptism is an initiative sacrament in which the Holy spirit comes down into our souls.

What gift does baptism make it nessary for salvaition?

Baptism Lead to Salvation.

What has the author SC Greathead written?

S.C Greathead has written: 'Water baptism, is it essential to salvation?' -- subject(s): Baptism, Salvation

What will baptism do?

It depends on what type of baptism. Spiritual baptism is being immersed in the Holy Spirit when a person accepts Jesus Christ as the Son of God and asks for forgiveness of their sins. It is necessary for salvation and everlasting life in heaven. On the other hand, water baptism is used to pronounce a saved person's public profession of faith to fellow believers through Jesus's example. If a person has already been spiritually baptized and becomes a Christian, water baptism is recommended but not required. Some churches believe that water baptism is essential to salvation also, but, in the Bible, Jesus clearly states that only spiritual baptism is necessary.

What did the Council of Trent say about baptism?

.Catholic AnswerThe Council of Trent repeated the constant teaching of the Christian Church that Baptism was the sacrament by which a person is cleansed of all sin and reborn and sanctified in Christ to everlasting life. That Baptism is necessary for salvation and that it is not to be denied to children.

What do baptists believe about baptism?

Southern Baptists believe that baptism is an outward demonstration of what has already taken place inside. It is not necessary for salvation. Following Jesus in the act of baptism shows how a child of God humbles himself to his maker and has a rebirth of water and spirit.

Is baptism necessary for all Christians?

* No, baptism is optional but it is a way to show that you belong to Christ. * Yes, Baptism is necessary for all Christians.

Thus the holy spirit baptism is subsequent to salvation?


What has the author Joseph McKinstry written?

Joseph McKinstry has written: 'Household baptism and the scriptural mode of its administration'

What has the author John Wallas written?

John Wallas has written: 'Plain scriptural thoughts on holy baptism' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Baptism, Church of England, Biblical teaching

Do Baptists believe baptism is necessary for salvation?

No. Generally speaking, Baptists are pretty big into the concept that believers are saved by faith alone - that no outward deed (performing good works, being baptized, taking communion, etc.) can contribute to or take away from salvation.

Do salvation army baptise babies?

No The Salvation Army does not practice any form of baptismal rites. Neither adults nor infants are baptized in the Salvation Army. The teaching of the Salvation Army is that wearing the uniform is equal to baptism. Link to informative article on infant baptism in the Christian Church:

How do you do a budhism baptism?

Buddhism has no baptism equivalent. This is due to the fact that:there are no sins to wash awaythere is no divine being to commit tothere is no salvation to be gained

Is baptism required for salvation?

No, baptism is not required for salvation. People get saved when they "Confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead". Basically, you have to say out loud that Jesus died and rose again. Baptism on the other hand, is an outward demonstration of the change that has taken place.

Why do you speak of baptism as the beginning of your journey on the path of salvation?

Contrary to what you have heard or misheard. Baptism is not the " Beginning of our path of salvation" The beginning of that "path" would be to repent and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into our hearts and save us.

What is baptism necessary for?

Tricky wording here. Baptism is required for salvation. HOWEVER, that does not mean you must be baptized with water. Let's say you are in the process of becoming Catholic, and have not been baptized yet. You get in a car accident, and die. Do you go to Hell? We here on Earth do not know the actual answer to that, because, well... we haven't been there. But God does not have to abide by the rules he set out for us. You have the desire, but did not get baptized by water, but rather by desire. If you had abstained from sin, were on your way towards baptism, then God, who is full of love and mercy, understands.Long story short, baptism is necessary for salvation, but God is Love, and His Mercy outweighs his demands.Roman Catholic AnswerIndeed, baptism is necessary, and there is both baptism by desire (as noted above) and baptism by blood (the martyrs that died for their faith before receiving water baptism) as well as regular baptism with water. And, indeed, we are bound to God's laws - which He made for our good, but He is not bound by them. As far as we are concerned, baptism is always necessary and it should be a top priority and not let go until someone is older. Everyone should have learned how to perform an emergency baptism in the event that someone is dying by pouring water on their head while saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." God is indeed mercy and Love, but He is Justice as well, and He cannot be unjust if someone neglects His Commands.