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Dugongs and Manatees it see weed

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Q: What sea animals eat seaweed?
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What sea urchins eat?

Sea urchins eat seaweed,algae and bits of plants and animals.

What marine animals eat seaweed?

Sea turtles, plankton, fish.

Do sea snails eat seaweed?

Some sea snails eat seaweed and some eat moss.

Do sea lions eat seaweed?

Yes.Sea Lions do eat seaweed.

What animal eat seaweed?

Most ocean animals eat seaweed

What animals eat sea weed?

Many animals eat seaweed, including hermit crabs, lobster, sea turtles, and marine iguanas. Herbivorous fish like parrotfish, damselfish, and surgeonfish can eat seaweed. Seaweed also is consumed by humans.Lots of different animals eat water weed. These are mainly animals who live in and around water.E.G.DragonfliesFishFrogs/toadsetc.Hope this helped, there are many more animals that eat water weed but this was just a brief understanding. ~:)~

What aquatic animals eat seaweed?

well there are lots of fish that live in sea and not all fish eat each otherturtles

Do some animals in the forest sea and desert eat plants?

Yes, in the Desert the desert animals eat lots of cactus and other plants in the desert. In the sea the animals eat Kelp, seaweed, and etc.... And finally in the forest the animals eat either specific leaves or meat! Answered by: Anonymous

Animals that eat seaweed?


What sea animals eat green seaweed?

uhhh whales eat it because they are trying to save the enviorment instead of eatin every ding

Do plankton eat sea weed?

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everything from algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eat the plankton.

What do the slugs eat?

They eat grass and sea slugs eat seaweed.

What does a green sea tutle eat?

They eat algae and seaweed

What do Sea Ears eat?

Sea Ears eat seaweed... That's all I know

What do herbivore sea crabs eat?

Herbivorous sea crabs eat algae and seaweed.

Are sea horses carnivores?

no they eat seaweed

What does sea turtles like to eat?


What sea animal eat seaweed?


Do sea urchins eat seaweed?

Yes they do.

What did the prehistoric sea star eat?


What plants do sea otters eat?


How often does a sea urchin need to eat?

Sea urchins eat very slowly but like many other animals, they eat on a daily basis. A sea urchin's diet consists of things like algae and seaweed. If this food is not available, they will eat things like dead animals and sponges.

What Arctic animals eat seaweed?


Do sea slugs eat seaweed or oak?

Sea slugs donÕt normally eat oak or seaweed. They do eat plankton, as well as any type of decaying material they can find.

Who eats seaweed?

seals,various fish,humans, and sea turtles they eat seaweed