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sea horses, pipe fish, sea dragons, decorater crabs, cuttle fish, octopus

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Do seahorses blend in with seaweed?

It can blend in with sea weed

What sea creatures consume seaweed?


What vegetation is eaten by sea creatures?

Sea creatures may eat kelp or seaweed, or algae.

What does seaweed smell like?

i think it smell like the sea, and the other sea creatures.

What sea creatures eat seaweed?

Seaweed is eaten by salamanders, fish, frogs, water bears, sea turtles, sea urchins, rock crabs and aquatic insects. Seaweeds encompass marine algae.

What is seaweed good for?

Seaweed is a common shelter for many fish and other sea dwelling creatures. It can also be used as food, and cosmetic uses in spas.

Which sea creatures are camouflaged?

YES there are hundreds of sea creatures that are well camouflaged. Like the rock fish it blends in with the rock and is quite piousness and the leafy sea dragon ( sea horse) is well camouflaged into seaweed and other types of sea plant.

Do sea stars eat seaweed?

No. They eat tiny creatures, they catch their food by it getting stuck to its part that is sticky.

Can seaweed swim?

No Creatures can swim Seaweed is a plant so it floats

What animal uses seaweed?

many do. the sea otter ties itself up with seaweed to prevent itself from drifting away on the tide while sleeping. the seaweed dragon hides amongst the seaweed, looking so much like the seaweed that predators cannot see it. there are many more creatures that use seaweed, but im not sur eof them right now.

Do mermaids eat seaweed?

They eat a range of sea beasts such as cray fish, the slug creatures in the little mermaid and chicken and rice.

Trophic pyramid of seaweed?

The trophic pyramid of seaweed would include seaweed as a producer in the area at the base of the pyramid. The seaweed is followed by grazing creatures that eat seaweed and are then eaten by predators.

What sea creatures live in the sea weed?

Sea Otters live in seaweed. They use the seaweed to anchor themselves in one spot when thy sleep so they do not drift away. Also their favorite food lives in the kelp forests, the sea anemone. +++ Also sea-horses - they use their tails to hold on to the seaweed. Many other smaller fish shelter among the fronds, and some worms and shell-fish attach themselves or browse on them.

Who are tiny shelled creatures that live along the tide line feeding on seaweed?

Dash are tiny shelled creatures that live along the tide line feeding on seaweed

Do sea snails eat seaweed?

Some sea snails eat seaweed and some eat moss.

How does seaweed get nutrients to live?

The seaweed get nutrients from the sea water to live.

Do sea lions eat seaweed?

Yes.Sea Lions do eat seaweed.

Where do they get the seaweed for sushi?

The sea

Why do octopus live in the sea?

Because their sea-creatures. That's why they are SEA-creatures. Get it.

Are dolphins sea creatures?

yes dolphins are sea creatures.

What do chelonia mydas eat?

chelonia mydas eat seaweed and algae, but they can also eat sea creatures like jellyfish, comb jellies, crayfish, and also crabs.

Are penguins sea creatures?

penguins are not sea creatures because they just find food in the sea and they live on earth so no there not sea creatures

What do you feed a sea snail?


What plants live in the sea?


What sea is named for its seaweed?

sargasso is the answer

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