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If you are working with a standard pattern for leisure wear summer shorts, a simple straight stitch seam will be good enough. If you are making sports shorts, that will require a stronger finish, I suggest a flat fell seam.

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Q: What seam is used for an outside leg seam in shorts?
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Whats inside leg and outside leg?

Inside leg - Measurement of a trouser length from the crotch down the inner seam to the bottom.

What is inner seam of jeans?

The seam on the inside of the leg from the crotch to the bottoms of the leg.

Where does the red stripe on the dress blue trousers go?

From the belt line, down the leg over the outside seam.

What does inseam mean?

The inside seam of a pant leg.

Do the Simplicity Patterns consider the inseam on the pattern when you cut them out or do you need to leave a little extra fabric on the outside of the pattern when you apply it to the fabric?

I believe you are asking about a "seam allowance". ("Inseam" is the measurement of the seam that runs down the inside of your leg -- for example, men's pants that are labeled 32x30 means the waist is 32 inches and the inseam (from crotch to hem on the inside of the leg) is 30 inches.) To answer your question, all commercially printed patterns include a seam allowance. They are designed for you to cut on the outside solid line, and then stitch the pieces together with the seam width indicated on the pattern piece (usually 5/8 inch).

Why do you have dark spots on your leg when you go outside?

if you are wearing shorts then its because of the sun going to your knee (if your talking about the knee )( this is what I think ). So Sorry If I Did Not Answer Your Question .........

How did joe get his fake leg?

no he does not have a fake leg remember at camp rock he was wearing a shorts and his leg was all right

How do you measure the inseam of pants?

You measure from the seam at bottom of crotch to the bottom of the leg.

What are booty shorts?

Booty shorts started as a more modern style of slim fitting women's underwear known as "boy shorts" or "hipster panties" with a cut that lies somewhere between that of shorts and a bikini. In more recent times, booty shorts have become available in various outerwear shorts for women, most popularly as denim shorts. Similarly to the underwear, denim "booty shorts" form fit tightly to the skin, with generally just enough coverage in the back to not expose the backside, while the leg opening becomes gradually shorter as it goes around the thigh towards the front of the leg, leaving the front and sides of the shorts several inches shorter than the rear near the seam, thus giving the shorts a bikini inspired shape. In recent years, popular outlet brands such as Hollister and Ambercrombie have widely popularized the style.

What leg is the outside leg when horseback riding?

The outside leg is the leg "on the fence" when going around the ring. So, if the horse is traveling clockwise (to the right) around the ring, the rider's outside leg would be the left leg and her inside leg would be the right leg.

What leg is the inside leg when horseback riding?

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