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There are differen kinds of multiple search engines:,, are searching both Google, Yahoo, bing at the same time, and give results from both engines. is a multiple search engines in one page to search the web, music and movies, all search results are opening in new windows. This site is for making fast web searches and get fast multiple different results. is a multi search engine based on different search results with the same keyword.

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Q: What searches many search engines?
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What type of search engine searches other search engines?

search engine

What if a search engine searches other search engines?

to improve it self more than that search engine

What search engine searches other search engines?

All search engines that search on everything on internet can search for other search engines,for example google,bing,yahoo,ask,avgsearch,xquick dogpile combines a lot of different engines but its kind of awkward to use

Where could I go for more information about the keyword..?

Keyword searches can be made on many search engines. A few of them are Google search engine, Yahoo service search engine, or Bing by hotmail. These websites allow keyword searches that help people to find what they are looking for.

A search engine that allows you to search several search engines simultaneously is called a?

That is not exactly true. A "meta search engine" pays importance only to the meta tags and meta discriptions of the HTML code. A search engine that searches many search engines is a mashed search engine, because it mashes the api of dfferent search engines. Examples for meta search engines are: or (very old) Examples for mashed search engines are: or

Is it ok to download more than 1 search engine in computer?

You can actually use search engines only online. There are other type of search tools that do off-line "desktop" searches, but they are not referred to as search engines.

What are 4 major search engines?

The 4 most popular search engines, in terms of the amount of searches performed on them daily are as follows:GoogleYahooBing (MSN)Ask

What are meta search engines?

Generally speaking, meta search engines perform searches using a conglomeration of other search engines. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously. Metasearch engines operate on the premise that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all and that more comprehensive search results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines. This also may save the user from having to use multiple search engines separately.

Why do your searches get redirected?

Sometimes search engines will redirect an inserted search. This is to try to help provide better and more accurate answers.

How can you limit search results to ones available within a specific date range?

Not on the major search engines but you can on certain website searches.

What different people search engines are there?

There are many people searches on the net, some are free and some have a minimal cost. You can try the White Pages, People Search, Peek You, Wink., and Spokeo.

Why do you get shopping sites when accessing search engines?

because the shoppings sites pay the search engines to include their business in any relevant searches to increase traffic and increase chances of someone purchasing something from them. because the shoppings sites pay the search engines to include their business in any relevant searches to increase traffic and increase chances of someone purchasing something from them.

True or false Searches on all internet search engines produce the same list of sites?

yes and no

Is a search engines?

No. It is an encyclopedia like repository of information. Although it is not a search engine, it does use one to allow users to perform searches.

Is DogPile a meta search engine?

Yes Dogpile is a meta search site search engine it searches multiple search engines, filters duplicate date and then provide the relevant results.

Is Torrents the name of a search engine?

The free service is a compilation of responses from many different engines. The data can be contributed by users or compiled from web page searches.

What is the plural of search?

The plural of search is searches. one search. two searches.

How many search engines are on the Internet?

There are about 12 major search engines in general, but if you mean how many search engines that are around the globe, refer to the related links below.

Which search engines are better than Yahoo or Google?

Swagbucks search engine allows you to be rewarded for doing your internet searches. You can earn points toward useful rewards like gift cards. It gives you similar results to the major search engines.

What does bt yahoo search for?

This is the newest feature that has updated their search engines to. This new feature help you find your searches that are more accurate or exact to the information that you are looking for.

Are there any search engines for assets?

Yes there is search engines for assets. Just google it on google and you can find some many search engines for assets.

Which are the deep search 'search engines'?

Deep search engines offer searches on focused databases which are often "invisible" to regular search engines. These databases publish results only as the result of a direct query and the results are not persistent.CompletePlanet The Deep Web Directory 70,000 + searchable databases pipl search the deep web for people. Turbo10 accesses about 800 online databases

Which type of search engine uses keywords to perform searches?

All types of search engines either it is Google, Yahoo or bing works on the basis of the enter keyword.

List 5 types of search engines?

Spider-Based Search Engines.Directory-Based Search Engines.Link-Based Search Engines.Hybrid Search Engines.Meta Search Engines

Why is professional SEO critical to the success of a new website?

Because that is what determines who will see your site while performing searches on search engines.