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middle of season 8

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โˆ™ 2011-01-08 21:49:54
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Q: What season of One Tree Hill are they on now?
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How many episodes are out now in One Tree Hill season 8?

One Tree Hill season 8 has a total of 22 episodes.

When does season 9 One Tree Hill come out?

it is out right now

Are there nine seasons of One Tree Hill?

no they are on the 8th season right now

Is One Tree Hill over now?

Yes. The last season was season 9 it ended in 2011.

Is One Tree Hill going to have a season 8?

Yes they already did. they now are going to have a season 9

When does One Tree Hill season 5 come back on in the UK?

its on now!! lol monday e4 9:00pm!! x

What is the name of the concluding song in One Tree Hill season 3 all tomorrow's parties?

Every body dance now!!!!

When will One Tree Hill Season 3 come out in iTunes UK?

It wasn't in iTunes for a while, and now they've put it into iTunes UK.

Will there be an 8th season of One Tree Hill?

they will have at least 9 seasons. for sure. I'm half way done with season 8 right now. there might even be ten.

How many box sets are there of One Tree Hill?

As of now 5

Will there be a One Tree Hill season 8?

Season 8 is well underway right now, showing in America and in Ireland on Irish channel TG4. Not sure when it will be shown in England, but it will most likely be soon on channel E4.

Is Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill now in White Collar?

Hilarie Burton, a former star of One Tree Hill, now appears in White Collar playing the character Sara Ellis. She first appears in season two, episode six "Unfinished Business." She plays an insurance investigator who has testified against Neal Caffrey, but in later episodes they become romantically involved.

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