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Google provides many services such as Gmail where you receive or send emails to others, YouTube for watching videos online for free, Google Maps for a map of the world, and News and also a calender.

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What are the different of Google and Yahoo?

Google and Yahoo are both search engines that provide many other services

How many google downloads are there per day?

Do you mean Google searches? If you mean searches, it varies day to day but on average, Google has hundreds of millions of searches daily. I do not know that Google keeps track of downloads other than those for Droid aps.

What does Google Philippines do?

Google Philippines is the main port of call for programmes such as Adwords and other advertising campaigns. They also provide services for Adsense and DFP.

Which services are available from Google on Google Brasil?

Google Basil offers most of the same services as other Google subsidiaries. This included a search function for keywords and shopping, as well as other services like Google Drive.

Can you Google alejandro?

you actuallly can but unlike other searches u need to type it backwards :)

What services does google provide?

It offers several services online. It offers a mail client, a document server, a search database, a book store, an app store, a calculator, a translator, a currency conversion, and several other services.

What services provide voip service providers?

A lot of services provide VoIP services. One of the services is Comcast Business. Another service is Vonage Phone service. A lot of other services provide VoIP.

What will happen if there was no Google?

if you search google in google, it will show you a bunch or results about the pages of google and its services and for sure the first thing will come up is the google.com followed by google maps, google plus, google reader and other google services.

What is in the Other Services section of the NAICS?

These groups provide services not elsewhere specified

What is another term for services like Google or Bing?

i think the other term for google is bing

Can a security services contractor provide security patrol services to a business on a contractual basis?

i dont know about other security services but i can provide security patrol services, anywhere in india

In addition to maps what other services does Google Map provide?

Google maps provides different features like satelitte view, street view, terrain view and other things like longitude and latitude. It also gives directions and landmark images.

What services does a Google mail account primarily offer?

Google mail, usually called Gmail, offer's email services to people. One can send and receive email with a Gmail account and also link it to a YouTube account and other Google services such as Google Drive.

What kind of website is Google?

Google is mainly an Internet search engine, but offers as well other online services.

What kind of services does Google Espana offer to Spanish people?

Google Espana offers the same services that Google offers globally except the language used is Spanish. The services offered include maps, play, images, news, Gmail, calendar, drive services among many other.

What services are offered by GoCompare?

GoCompare offers searches for comprehensive online car insurance as well as home and other vehicle insurance.

What services the government provide for all citizens from taxes collected?

Governments provide road building and maintenance, protection, legal services and investigation operations and incarceration facilities, educational services, health services, social services, legislation and law interpretation, water and sewage services, some provide fire, ambulance and other emergency services ...security

Who is owner of Google?

Google Search, Gmail, Google Documents and all other Google services are owned by a company called Google Inc. It is a company with stocks, you can buy a part of Google Inc. yourself.

What types of computers provide services to several people at the same time?

Websites run off of web servers (e.g. Google). Google sees millions of different users every day, but they are all connecting to the same loads of systems, therefore the systems are catering for many users at once. Other computer systems provide services to multiple people at once, such as a television broadcast, or an automated car wash.

What public services does France provide?

it includes petrol stations, and many other things like car services.

How does Yahoomap compare to similar services offered by other websites?

Yahoo Map has a few advantages compared to other similar services from other websites. Comparing it with Google Map is easiest as it's popular. Yahoo Map will typically only provide a single address where Google provides several that may match. Yahoo Map does not have street view, but has more detailed zoomed out maps. Overall, the services are quite similar with only a few preference differences between each.

What is the advantages of Google?

Advantages of Google: Google is free to use, has a custom search engine, puts the search results according to the most popular to least popular. Google has options for image search, article search or even search for any government document. It searches according to the terms you type and also searches for other terms with same meaning. It is fast, realiable, it has its own dictionary, calculater, and spell check.

Approximately how much would an Akita puppy cost?

According to multiple web searches on google, yahoo, bing and other websites linked from those searches, an Akita puppy would cost approximately $900 US Dollars.

Why can't you load Google Video in Google Chrome?

You should be able to. Google Video has changed. You can no longer upload videos to it, it is only a search engine that searches for other videos on the web. If you are still having trouble, try reinstalling chrome.

What does orange customer services do?

Orange customer services is a mobile services company in the United Kingdom of Europe. They provide cell phones, broadband internet and other such services.

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