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What setting do you use on an indoor air conditioner in Florida to keep the pipe inside from freezing up?


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You most likely have one of two things: Indoor air flow. Your system is designed to deliver a certain amount of air flow through your coil. If your filter is extremely dirty, or your inside evaperator coil is dirty, or some of your registers closed. In Florida, you may have a clear fungus in your coil that is not easy to detect without proper knowlege. Also your duct work may not be installed correctly or adequately sized for your system. That possibility is answered by has it ever worked properly? If airflow is not the problem, then the next most likely answer is the refrigerant charge is incorrect.


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More information is needed to solve this problem. First, which coils ar freezing? (indoor or outdoor) Next, are coils clean and free from obstuction? Recommend clean all coils, visual inspection of compressor unit, and check freon charge level. Under charge can cause icing of indoor coils.

It is important to keep the air conditioner clean and know how to remove mold as it can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and also cause a foul smell . You should clean the condenser and the indoor unit.

8 out of 10 times its cause your low on refrigerant. I disagree, Dirty indoor Coils, Bad fans, faulty boards, bad thermostats, Blower caps, and the number one dirty filters are much more prominent freezing causes I have found.

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