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Honestly, this makes NO sense

your right it doesn't, at least have correct grammar people.

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Q: What shall you do now?
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When is 72 hours from now?

72 hours is 3 days from 'now', whenever 'now' shall be.

Can you have a sample of the geography sba now?

no you shall not have the Sba

How do you use shall in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Shall we go to the restaurant now?I believe I shall have dessert after all.Who shall step up and take responsibility?

What is the motto of clemson university?

"Who shall separate us now?"

What part of speech is in each word of this sentence Shall we light the candles now?

Shall = auxiliary verb we = pronoun light = verb the = definite article candles = noun (plural) now = adverb

Is shall an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word shall is the first-person form of the verb "will" (future tenses of to be). Nowadays, I will go is used for most uses of shall. It still appears in forms such as "We shall see" and "Shall I go now?"The distinction disappears completely when using the contractions I'll and we'll.

What is the past tense of shall?

Shall is an auxiliary verb and should used to be the past form but now there seems to be little connection between the two verbs.

When is the next recruitment in armed forces shall take place in Kenya?


Where shall i put my pet rabbit?

In the cage or out side in a yard. Come on now!

Where I should use shall you and may you?

Use "may you" to wish something upon someone else. E.g. "May you have a pleasant day." Use "shall you" to ask someone what they will do. E.g. "Shall you take lunch now or later?"

You are home sick what shall you do?


Who said you must obey this now-for a law-that he who will not work shall not eat.?

John Smith.