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try this website:

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When was the first Trojan horse virus detected?

it was discorved in 1996

Was there a Trojan War?

Yes there was a Trojan war. The ruins of the Troy have been found.

What is the Trojan Horse Flooder FJL?

Flooder FJL is a type of Trojan Horse detected by antivirus software like AVG. ÊThe flooder allows any hacker to access your computer system and modify settings.

What causes the airbag light to come on in a 2006 chrysler 300?

A failure has been detected in the safety restraint system.A failure has been detected in the safety restraint system.

How are UV rays detected?

UV rays are detected by UV scanner. They have been invented.

If the Trojan backdoor virus has been detected by your avg software and has been removed to the virus vault can you just delete it from the virus vault recycling bin or is it more involved than?

Hey if it is deleted it will again affect the computer so its fine to keep it in virus vault....................

Have any signals been detected from outer space?

Plenty of signals have been detected from space - but none have been inferred to have come from an intelligent source. (IE Aliens)

Is linking an action two types of verbs?

Those are forms of the verb "to be," which has many: am are is was were have been had been will be shall be will have been shall have been

Has life been discovered on Saturn?

There has been no signs of life detected on Saturn so far.

How do you get rid of a virus detected by AVG named Trojan jorse clicker 3 au?

If AVG detected a virus it will be storing it in the virus vault. Go into virus vault and opt to delete the virus. Virus vault can be accesed from the main menu.

Is war rock safe?

no..a Trojan has been reported

Who has Tiger Woods been sponsored by?

durrex and trojan

Where is the Trojan horse now?

Lost to antiquity. If there ever WAS a Trojan Horse, it would have been burned to ash when the city was sacked.

What are the to be verbs?

I am - you are - he/she/it is ... we/you/they are I/you/he/she/it was ... we/you/they were have been will (shall) be

Neutrinos have never been detected experimentally?


Which is correct shallnt you have been eating or shall you haven't been eating?

I sasay you haven't be eating. There is no shall in the sentence.

Why the over drive light flashing?

A malfunction has been detected

Why does Odysseus go on his quest?

He has been in the Trojan War and heads for home.

How long had the Trojan war been going on in the lliad?

Ten years.

How do you remove Trojan Horse Clicker.GNI?

A system I have been working with that has AVG Anti Virus installed showed this Trojan as Quarantined. Perhaps this might help you?

How long did king menelaus travel before returning home from the Trojan war?

Eight years after, and the Trojan war had been ten years long.

How do you get rid of Trojan Horse Proxy 24 BB?

My free version of AVG detected this Trojan horse, but didn't give instructions on how to get rid of it. I followed the path on the test center to see where it was located, and when I got into that folder a box popped up that allowed me to "heal" it or remove it to the virus vault.

What is traditional date for the Trojan war?

The date when the Greeks used the Trojan horse to enter inside the Trojan walls had been calculated for the first time using an eclipse mentioned in the stories of Homer. The date was 1188 B.C.

What do astronomers think about the possibility of planets orbiting other stars and being detected?

Hundreds of extra-Solar planets have been detected already.

Is it true that scientists have detected mass less particles called gravitational that are responsible for the gravitational force?

No. Gravitons have been hypothesized, but not directly detected.

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