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A shield volcano is low and wide.

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because it has a dome shape

A shield volcano got its name from its shape. If you put a round shield from the medieval times on the ground, it would have a slightly rounded shape. A shield volcano has gentle slopes and base lava. The lava is runny and can travel a long way before cooling. Shield volcanos are normally less explosive than a Cone volcano. NatashaLouisex

It is a shield volcano, which means it has a wide base and a low cone.

Shield volcanoes are in the shape of a shield. Hence, the name shield volcano! Shield volcanoes are tall and broad with flat rounded shapes. They have low slpes and almost always have large craters. Shield volcanoes form from eruptions of flowing lava. THe lava spreads out and builds up volcanoes with broad, gently, sloping sides. One example of a shield volcano is the Hawaiian Islands.

Lava. When the lava comes out of the volcano, gravity pulls the lava down the cone of the volcano, and depending the the viscocity of the lava, it forms a 'cone' or 'shield' as it cools. Thinner lava forms a shield volcano; thicker lava forms a steeper cone shape.

A shield volcano is a roundish, moundlike volcanic cone with very gentle slopes.

Is Montserrat a Shield Volcano?

a composite volcano a composite volcano

The case in question: eyjafjallajokull is a glacier. It is on a volcano, which is a shield volcano. A shield volcano has gentle sides. This defines a shield volcano. I hope this answers your question. active shield volcano.(:

Yes, Santorini is a shield volcano.

yes, it is a shield volcano

The shape tells a geologist how viscous (thick and sticky) the lava was. A taller volcano, such as a cone, was formed by thicker lava; a low volcano, such as a shield volcano, was formed by very runny lava.

A sheild volcano is called such because its broad slopes are reminiscent of a medieval shield.

Mount Redoubt is not a shield volcano; it is a strato volcano.

it is due the the viscosity of the magma, if the magma is less viscous, volcano formed would be a shield volcano, if the magma is viscous, a stactovolcano would be formed

if the shape of the volcano is like a shield the lava is runnier and less viscus but if the lava is more cone shape the lava is thicker and more viscus.this is shown because the shield volcano is much flatter meaning the lava moved quickly and spread round faster than the cone because it takes time to move down.

sheild volcano is way more dangerous.

inside a shield volcano is a hot surface of mamga

Yes lava flows from a shield volcano.

A shield volcano has very broad, gentle slopes.

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