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Updated Answer: There is a HUGE difference in quality. 300 thread count feels like sandpaper compared to 1500 thread count sheets. The higher the thread count, the longer lasting and more luxerious the sheet. Thread count is how many threads you will find in an inch of fabric - the more thread, the thicker the sheet. The thicker the sheet, the more sturdy and longer lasting. And, the feel is amazing - super soft and luxerious. You know those exclusive hotels that charge $5000 a night? They use 1500 thread count sheets on their beds.

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There isn't much difference in quality with a thread count over 300. You would next look to the material that the sheet is made out of. Pima cotton may be one of the softest and most durable.

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Q: What sheet thread count will be most comfortable but yet most lasting with use?
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Buying a Sheet with a High Thread Count?

The most important thing that you can look for when you buy a sheet is a high thread count. This determines how comfortable the bed will feel when you get into it. You can buy a generic brand if you want to save money. As long as it has a high enough thread count, it will feel just as comfortable as all of your other choices. You should not spend time looking for anything else.

Do sheet sets with higher thread counts last longer?

Usually sheet sets with a higher thread count last longer but also cost more than sheet sets with a lower thread count.

What is the hghest thread count sheets ina bedding set on the market?

Egyptian cotton sheet sets & Pillow cases has the highest Thread count in single-Ply with 1500 thread count luxury sheet set.

Are higher thread count sheets really that much better than a cheaper sheet?

Yes they are not only more comfortable but last much longer!

What is the thread count of very soft sheets?

The thread count for sheets that are considered very soft is anything that is above 300. The higher the thread count is determines how soft the sheet will be.

Is microfiber in bed linen the same as 600 thread cotton?

No. Microfiber thread count cannot be compared to the thread count in cotton. A 1500 thread count bed sheet of Microfiber might not be half as heavy in weight or thick enough as a 600 thread count cotton sheet, but it will be far softer than a cotton 600 count. It is similar to comparing apples and oranges. Microfiber has a thread count of it's own and tends to remain thinner, although it gets softer, with higher thread counts. Cotton on the other hand, tends to get thicker and heavier as the thread count goes higher, so a 1500 count sheet in cotton might weigh like a blanket.

How many thread count does it have to be to be considered luxury sheets?

For a fabric to be considered a luxury sheet, it has to have 800 thread counts. The greater the thread count, the smoother and more luxurious the sheets would be.

Does it really matter what the thread count of my comforter is if I am going to use it over a top sheet?

It doesn't really matter what the thread count is. All that means is how well it will prevent tears and seams.

What is meant by thread count on the label of sheet sets?

Technically, thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200.Â_

high thread count luxury sheets?

The highest thread count is 1500. Many companies especially Italian ones make great sheet sets typically in Egyptian cotton and they are indeed very luxurious. You can expect to pay between $250 to $500 each set.

High thread count king size sheets.?

I would try Macy's for nice sheets. They tend to have a lot of bedding sales where you can get the highest thread counts for really low prices. I'd suggest getting at least 500-600 thread count, she will love them!

What highest thread count possible on bed sheets?

There are bed sheets with a thread count of 800 to 1,200, and they are pretty expensive and luxurious. These sheets are usually made of fine cottons, especially Egyptian. The Nile Valley has a particularly good cotton, and the right environment to consistently produce it. For the money, a 600 thread count is a pretty good value. The average run-of-the-mill novelty sheet and the classic bed sheet is between 250 and 300 thread count. It begins to feel beter on the skin after many a washings and gets just right before you wear it out and rip it up for bandaging material.

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