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Shoes that are more form-fitted to one's feet, like Pumas and New Balance shoes, or flats in general, make feet look smaller.

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Q: What shoes make your feet look smaller?
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How can you make your shoe size smaller?

You can make your shoe size smaller by having surgery on your feet. However, you can make your feet look smaller by wearing dark colored shoes.

How do you make your shoes look smaller?

you can't

How can you make your feet smaller?

AnswersYou can make your feet LOOK smaller by wearing: Black nail polish,Black shoes,Really high heels,Never wear THIN straps on your shoes...Thick ones make them look smaller.Or...The foot exercises in yoga can decrease fat on the footWear tight shoesChinese foot bindingWear high arch supports

How do you make your feet smaller without plastic surgery?

You should study the ancient Chinese, they made there feet smaller without surgery. But it did make the feet look awkward, and was very painful.

Can you make your feet smaller in any way without cutting them off?

Actually, I don't know how to make your feet smaller but all I do is wear black tennis shoes and bell bottom jeans. They work a lot!! Believe me! Cause where I live, a lot of guys are always telling me I have big feet. This is how I solve the problem. Oh! And converses always make your feet look bigger. Just a tip there.

Is there anything you can do to make your feet smaller?

Only by SURGERY one can make feet smaller. In the ancient times, Chinese woman used to wear shoes with iron strap inside to prevent growth of feet. However, such practice is non existence now a days.

Can chicken make your feet get bigger?

Eating lots of fried chicken will actually make your feet look smaller by comparison to the rest of your body.

How do you make your feet thinner in width?

You don't. The width of your feet depends on your skeletal structure. All you can do is accept who you are, and look for wide shoes.

Can you wear black shoes with a champagne colored dress?

It would look much better if you wore nude shoes. (Never where white! They make you look like Daisy Duck.) Nude shoes lengthen your leg and detract from your feet.

Can ballerinas have wide feet?

Yes! Look at Alina Cojacaru! She has very wide feet, and is an incredible dancer! If you don't like the way wide feet look for a ballerina, using different pointe shoes may be able to make your foot look thinner.

How can you reduce your big feet?

You can't make your feet smaller.

Do small shoes make your feet stop growing?

No, if you wear small shoes for a period of time you would have feet problems. In the future your feet will hurt and your ankles will ache.

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