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What should 11 year old girls wear to impress boys?

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2010-03-12 22:56:36

i think you should be yourself or study him and see what kind of

colors he wears than wear the same hey I'm your age almost 12 1/2

and i need help tomorrow the last day and my guy i love so much

doesn't know who i am can you help?

~ U love him? uhh..You have a lot of growing up to do. (that was

for the girl who answered)

now 4 the girl who asked the question..just be yourself..If you

want a good boyfriend..he has to like you for

would be a waste of time to try to get him to like you. There are

alot of flirting techniques that you can check out at

and all of the other teen mags. Flirting is probably the best way

to get him...just dont waste your time buying high fasion clothes

and wereing his fav colors just to impress me..when I

was 11 and 12 I did the same thing..and guess what...I A. Got

dumped B. Spent way to much time dreaming about me and him...and

thinking that he would automaticly date me if I was being just who

he wanted me to be..instead of being myself..Its just a word

of advice. Bye!! xoxo

Girls listen up u never and i mean never have to change for

someone to like u. The more u try and talk to that person the more

u get to know him and the more he will think ur an awesome girl. So

I'm saying this one last time never change for a guy to like you.

-Nessy :]

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