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i think you should be yourself or study him and see what kind of colors he wears than wear the same hey I'm your age almost 12 1/2 and i need help tomorrow the last day and my guy i love so much doesn't know who i am can you help?

~ U love him? uhh..You have a lot of growing up to do. (that was for the girl who answered)

now 4 the girl who asked the question..just be yourself..If you want a good boyfriend..he has to like you for would be a waste of time to try to get him to like you. There are alot of flirting techniques that you can check out at and all of the other teen mags. Flirting is probably the best way to get him...just dont waste your time buying high fasion clothes and wereing his fav colors just to impress me..when I was 11 and 12 I did the same thing..and guess what...I A. Got dumped B. Spent way to much time dreaming about me and him...and thinking that he would automaticly date me if I was being just who he wanted me to be..instead of being myself..Its just a word of advice. Bye!! xoxo

Girls listen up u never and i mean never have to change for someone to like u. The more u try and talk to that person the more u get to know him and the more he will think ur an awesome girl. So I'm saying this one last time never change for a guy to like you. -Nessy :]

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What kind of clothes should you wear to impress a boy?

Okay so first find out some of the girls who boys have crush on. Try to wear whatever kind of clothes they wear. Yes, it IS that simple!

Should 10 year old girls wear a thong to impress a boy?

Of course not. 10 year old girls shouldn't do ANYTHING to impress a boy.

Why do girls wear high heels?

to impress boys ha-ha lol no i don't actually know lots of different reasons

Can girls wear boys clothes?

Yes, girls can wear boys clothes.

Should boys wear girls clothes?

boys can wear girls if they like, but not out side the house because it make a look like a gay in the public so they can wear only at house

Can girls wear boys boxers?

Yes. If you should is a different question.

What do Indonesians wear?

short skirts and dresses to impress boys ;)

What did girls wear when they go out?

They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy. They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy.

Should a boy wear girls swimsuit to the beach?

The Answer Is No, Boys Wear Swim Trunks And Girls Wear Full Body Swim Suits And Bikini's

Will boys date girls that wear glasses?

Absolutely, boys will date girls who wear glasses.

Why girls can wear boys clothing and why boys can't wear girls clothing?

That's wrong. Anybody can wear what they want

Should boys wear dresses and look like girls?

Peolpe should wear what they want clothes are made by people for people. You should wear want you want to wear

Why do girly girls like skirts so much?

girly girls like skirts so much because they think it looks hot on them so that way they wear it to school or wear boys hang out and they try to impress them with there legs

Should 10 year old boys wear girls underwear?

If they wish.

Should boys wear girls shoos?

No but its ok to for them to dawn gurlz undurwhere.

What should you wear to model UN?

Suits, for the boys and business suits for the girls.

What should you wear for golf?

a polo shirt and shorts (for boys,) and a skirt (for girls.

Why can't boys wear girls' swimwear?

Boys can wear girls swimwear if they desire to. Girls swimwear id designed to fit girls, so they may not fit boys as well.

Could you wear boys metal cleats in girls softball?

No. It's illegal to wear metal cleats in girls softball. 16u and up can wear metal spikes and you can wear boys or girls.

Do girls wear lipgloss to impress boys?

I believe that girls wear lipgloss because it sends subconcious signals that they are wet 'down there' because of the sheen to the lipgloss, as well as the colour change of the lips. This is very subconcious though and not many people realise WHY they wear lipgloss/stick.

Should boys wear girls thongs?

There's not enough support up front.

Silly bandz for boys and girls?

silly bandz are for boys and girls boys can wear the cool ones

Boy wear girls?

No, boys wear clothes.

Can girls wear supra shoe?

apparently boys wear supra but girls can wear supra too

Should girls wear boys factorie trackies?

yes ,I think it's very fashion.